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What people say

“Tola worked with us on a series of investigations into misconduct within the department lasting over 8 months. The allegations covered a wide range of misconduct, and the actions of the team were deliberately obscured at all levels. Tola brought his extensive experience to bear on the situation, never being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the information to be examined. In fact, Tola’s ability to compartmentalise each allegation and individual allowed me to see how he analysed and distilled each case to its core components. His cases, and reports, were clearly constructed and laid out enabling easy understanding of the core issues without needing extensive background briefing. Additionally, Tola brought a sense of fairness and proportionality to his work which is an essential, but often overlooked, requirement of the good investigative process. If the occasion arose, I would be more than happy to utilise Tola again as, in common with all good working relationships, I found myself learning from him and his personality lent itself to effective team working.”
Kevin Griffin, Chief Information Security Officer
“Tola was engaged by Ealing Council to undertake a number of investigations under the council code of conduct and disciplinary process. His background and professional experience in managing complex and detailed lines of enquiry to evidence and present the findings of his investigations has been exceptional. At all times Tola has constantly demonstrated his integrity, impartiality and strong professional values. I would have no hesitation to call on his service again and I would recommend him to any future potential client of his services.”
Ed Axe, Director ICT, IDM, & Property Services (CIO)

About Tola Johnson

As of 2017, four of the world’s biggest financial firms hold 99.4% market share of the top 500 trading companies, alongside control of 40% of the entire consulting market. This immense amount of money and power does not come without risks. In 2020, global banks were fined a total of $10.4bn for money-laundering violations – this is a mass increase of over 80% to the year prior. Clearly, these services are in need of serious law enforcement, checks, and balances. This is where Tola Johnson, resolution-consultant-in-demand, comes in. With 3 of “The Big 4” consulting firms (KPMG, Deloitte, PwC) under his belt as Forensic Investigator, Tola Johnson is a revered expert on financial investigations.

Tola Johnson is a London-based Fraud and Financial Crime investigator and compliance professional with over 25 years’ experience (local and international) with law enforcement regulators, investment broker dealers including over 13 years at professional organisations covering several jurisdictions and industries including financial services, a range of global institutions such as banks, investment houses and industrial conglomerates.

Tola was a familiar face at PwC for nine years, working as a Senior Manager within the Forensics Services Investigations team. Jurisdictions involved numerous fraud investigations, a corporate dispute, and sizeable anti-bribery and corruption remediation assignments.

Following on from this, Tola was snatched up as Assistant Director at Deloitte. He spearheaded client engagements entailing whistleblowing facilitation, fraud risk assessments, delivery of investigations training, and business development activities.

Finally, Tola was hired as Director of Forensic Services at KMPG Saudi Arabia, bringing his journey through consulting and financial investigations to a close.

Within The TCM Group, Tola is a resolution consultant assisting with investigations. His niche focuses on fraud, financial crime, and anti-corruption.

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