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3 Ways to Create a Great Workplace Culture

1 Feb 2023

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Google the term ‘bad company culture’ and in milliseconds you’ll be presented with over 800 million results. Examples of workplace ills and organisational pitfalls are shared across subsections of the media on a daily basis. A current example is the storm around the tech sector’s culling of jobs. Dominating headlines, many employees feeling slighted by the perceived cold and sudden manner of these actions. Perhaps you even hear of harrowing company culture tales first-hand from your own friends and family. So why do destructive company cultures continue to exist?

Numerous surveys and studies have illustrated the negative impacts of sub-par company culture within organisations. These include an increase in employee turnover, decreased employee engagement, internal conflict, disunity and decreased performance to name a few. Doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for success…

A recent survey found that 2/3 of executives believe that culture is more important than an organisation’s business strategy or operation model. Whilst in our recent Company Culture Survey 89% of respondents said that organisational culture affects loyalty and engagement. The message is clear: It’s time to take company culture seriously.

But how?

Now, while some leaders and managers may be actively creating toxic environments within their organisations, the less ominous notion is that many simply don’t have the skills or knowledge to create a great company culture. If this sounds like you, don’t fret! Here are three bitesize tips you can start with today to transform your workplace environment.

1. Scrap grievance and disciplinary procedures

That’s right, you read correctly, this is not a drill! 2023 is the year to rid your organisation of policies and procedures that are divisive, create blame and damage relationships and morale. It can be done! TCM’s Resolution Framework™ offers a comprehensive alternative to traditional retributive HR policies – encouraging adult-to-adult dialogue and informal resolution in the first instance.

2. Bring your company values to life

Do your employees know what your company values are and do your leaders embody and showcase them in their conduct? Where a lot of organisations misstep is by forgetting this fundamental aspect of their organisational identity. Your company’s values should be a living and breathing aspect of your business, aligned to everything you do.

3. Champion wellbeing

Actively encourage open and honest dialogues around wellbeing, embed relevant initiatives that support employees in various aspects of their wellbeing which includes emotional, physical and financial. If your employees aren’t ‘well’ as individuals, team and organisational success can quickly break down.

If you want to further explore how to create and sustain a better workplace culture, join us for ‘How to Build a Great Workplace Culture’, a free webinar hosted by The TCM Group on Friday 24th February. Register using the form below or click here.

Our CEO and founder, David Liddle will be joined by Perry Timms, founder and chief energy officer of HR consultancy People and Transformational HR (PTHR) and Gillian Caroe, a mediator, facilitator and coach, recently awarded Workplace Mediator of the Year 2022. They’ll be providing practical tips towards organisational culture transformation. Learn about training opportunities that your organisation can embark on, in support of building a more person-centred, values-focused culture.

Limited Spaces, register and find out more here or use the form below

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