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Are you joining the Resolution Revolution?

9 Feb 2023

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If you’ve come across our work at The TCM Group over the last 21 years, you’ll know we’re massive advocates for resolution and people-centred workplace environments – transformational culture.

Our founder and CEO, David Liddle, writing in his book Transformational Culture says “A transformational culture is fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high performing. In a transformational culture, our values and our shared sense of purpose provide the basis for success. It is a place where HR, our managers and leaders help each of us to be the best version of ourselves – through inclusive, respectful and authentic dialogue.”

Why create a transformational culture?

When it comes to retributive, grievance and performance management policies, the impact on our working environment and more specifically our people within these environments are clear. Relationships are damaged, disunity is created, mistrust ensues, innovation is hampered and business continuity compromised. What’s more, in financial terms, formal HR procedures, including grievances, disciplinary cases and dismissals, costs businesses £12.8bn annually!

Offering a robust, values-based and outcomes oriented alternative, The Resolution Framework encourages and promotes adult-to-adult dialogue. In doing so, it increases the use of early resolution, facilitated conversations restorative justice and mediation and decreases the need for formal, costly grievance, discipline and performance management processes.

Claire Salter, Director of Global Employee Relations at Burberry, has been at the forefront of the iconic British fashion house adopting The Resolution Framework. She says “It felt radical to move away from a formal process, but at the same time, it just made sense. It pulled us away from a transactional process and towards a values-driven, culture-focused practice.”

And she’s not alone, organisations of diverse sizes, sectors, geographical locations and specialisms are embracing this approach and putting people over process. These include Nationwide Building Society, Aviva, London Ambulance Service and North East Lincolnshire Council to name a few.

On 8th February 2023, The TCM Group hosted ‘Taking the Grief out of Grievance’ a webinar which tackled how to embrace resolution, ditch retribution and become a trailblazer for transformational workplace culture. After the session over 80% of attendees fed back that they were ready to start the journey towards a resolution-oriented approach to conflict. Are you ready to do the same?

To find out more about how TCM could support your organisation to create a high-performing and people-centred workplace culture, get in touch with our People & Culture Coordinator Hannah Cotton.

You can catch up on the webinar recording below.


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