Neutral Evaluation Services

Gain an insight into a departmental or team culture, through an impartial lens

A unique approach, specifically designed to understand the culture within an organization, the root cause of conflict that your teams may be facing, and how they can move forward.

When it comes to internal conflicts, it can often be difficult to know where to begin. Such disputes can result in numerous complaints, mistrust, and a decline in performance amongst team members. Our neutral evaluation process has been designed as a unique tool to resolve such instances without the damaging effects that a traditional investigation could bring.

The process has been designed to create an open and frank dialog with our highly trained and experienced evaluators. Confidential and anonymous interviews are first conducted in a psychologically safe environment. Our evaluators will then review and analyze all responses to provide your organization with a clear set of recommendations designed to help build trust, respect and confidence.

Which scenarios can the process be used for?

During the neutral evaluation process, we collect a wide range of information about your staff, the organization, its systems and culture. This allows you to outsource the most complex element of the decision making while leaving you with the choice when determining what subsequent action to take. The process is suited to a full range of scenarios.

Our 20 years of experience have taught us that any fact-finding process can trigger feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and fear amongst the parties involved. To enable parties to feel safe and secure, we apply our unique FAIR Model™ across all our evaluations. The model advocates a compassionate, empathetic and nonconfrontational approach to interviewing. This has benefits, both for the individuals involved, and the process as a whole.

Our neutral evaluations offer support with:

  • Multiple grievances
  • Collective disputes
  • Team conflict
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Complaints around duty of care, health and safety, or working environments
  • Poor management or leadership behaviors
  • Anonymous complaints of misconduct across teams or departments

Our rigorous 5 phase methodology

Our unique approach has been designed specifically to help understand the culture within an organization, the root cause of conflict your teams may be facing, and how they can move forward. Our evaluators will undertake a thorough evaluation of the current situation, before producing a detailed final report outlining possible remedies and solutions. The process typically consists of 5 key phases:

Step 1
Audit scoping, design and approval

This initial phase is focused on planning for the evaluation. We will work with your key stakeholders to agree the scope and terms of reference for the audit and to plan our surveys and interview questions.

Step 2
Confidential survey

To gather input from as many individuals as possible, we invite all relevant parties to partake in a confidential survey, with content typically reflecting the same content as the latter interview stages.

Step 3

To gain a more thorough insight from the individuals more closely involved with the reported issue(s), we also conduct 1-1 interviews. All participants can volunteer to take part and will be supported through the process in a psychologically safe environment.

Step 4
Data analysis

Once all of the available evidence has been obtained, we will collate, review and analyze the information. As part of this we will conduct a root cause (SWOT) analysis to support the development of recommended actions.

Step 5
Final report

During the final stage, we will build a comprehensive final report, which provides an executive summary of the key findings from the Neutral Evaluation process. This report will detail a number of key findings around the most relevant identified issues such as:

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Wellbeing
  • Bullying & Harassment

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