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Save time money and stress, by training your managers to resolve conflict the TCM way.

16 Apr 2019

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Matt Giblin
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Workplace conflict between two colleagues can cause, sudden stressful environments.

Conflict in the workplace can have a devastating impact on an organisation. Often you will find that members of the wider team will find themselves unwittingly dragged into a conflict that originated from a disagreement between two members of staff. This can lead to lots of undue stress being placed on your entire organisation, leading to:

1. Reduced productivity.

2. Reduced engagement.

3. Damaged reputation.

4. Negative customer experience.

5. Wasted time.

When we asked our customers and contacts who was responsible for dealing with conflict in their organisation, 86% said that managers were. But when we asked respondents whether they’d ever had any specific training in dealing with conflict an astonishing 48% said they hadn’t.

Understand the secrets to managing the situation like Anna Ryland did.

TCM’s spring campaign message is simple: ‘Your managers are the best mediators you have.’

Modern managers need to be equipped with the courage, the confidence and the competence to spot, prevent and resolve conflicts at source. Managers should be able to nip them conflict the bud.

Training your managers to mediate in quarrels, disagreements, feuds, fights, conflicts and complaints will make a massive impact on your organisation. In 2018, TCM was commissioned to train managers and HR staff from the White Company. Here’s what one delegate had to say:

“The course was brilliant – a great journey with amazing facilitators. The content and the models are easily applied in practice and I am sure that it will make a huge difference to the way that we resolve conflicts at the White Company. I would highly recommend this course to any manager who wants to improve the way that they handle conflicts at work!”

Anna Ryland, Senior People Advisor at The White Company – Practical Mediation Skills.

Begin saving your time and money.

Having your managers trained as on-site mediators, can reduce the stress placed on HR and save your organisation time and money by:

• Stopping conflicts before they escalate out of control.

• Reduce the time, stress and costs of a drawn-out grievance case by addressing conflicts early.

• Make your workplace a happier, healthier and more harmonious environment or your employees and your customers.

Learn the training methods that brands like Aviva, BT and Motorola have used to educate their staff.

TCM’s flagship course, Practical Mediation Skills equips your managers with the skills and strategies they need to handle conflict in the workplace. Delivered at your own premises for groups of 8-16 delegates, the course educates your managers in:

• Understanding the causes, the costs and the nature of conflict.

• How to remain calm, impartial and objective in the face of strong emotions.

• Setting up and running a facilitated conversation between two disputing parties.

• The way to apply the principles of mediation in their day to day roles.

Each course is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Scenarios, role plays, and other activities are all adapted to make this course fit your unique context and learning objectives. TCM also provides a customised online Delegate Zone for every course that we run. The Delegate Zone provides access to valuable resources such as checklists, case studies, videos and crib sheets.

Learn more about implementing an In House mediation scheme by clicking the link below.