People and Culture
Transforming HR into a modern people and culture function

HR is undergoing one of the most radical transformations in its existence. The shift towards a purpose driven, values based, and person centred people and culture function presents many in HR with the opportunity to become one of the most strategically important functions in their organization. TCM delivers a comprehensive package of support for the emerging people and culture function. This page explains more

By co-designing and co-creating our workplace cultures, the people and culture function delivers significant value – shareholder, stakeholder and social value. The transition of HR to people and culture renders it one of the most strategically important functions in our organisations. – David Liddle, CEO and chief consultant at the TCM Group

David Liddle launched his People and Culture Model™ in his 2021 bestseller ‘Transformational Culture’. Now being used by numerous organizations to redefine the nature of human resources,  HR legend, Dave Ulrich, described David’s work as ‘remarkable’

To adapt to these changes and pressures, HR is evolving into an overarching people and culture function. Because it delivers significant value and it is aligning employee experience with customer experience, people and culture is becoming one of the most strategically important functions within our organisation. To be successful, the people and culture function should operate across 4 broad pillars as set out in David Liddle’s People and Culture Model™:

  • People
  • Culture
  • Justice
  • Strategy

David Liddle's People and Culture Model™

How we help support your People and Culture Function

Our expert team deliver people and culture consulting services and training to ensure for the development and maintenance of a highly effective function. Our support is delivered at 5 key levels:

Supporting the transition from HR to people and culture.
Developing an overarching people & culture strategy.
Accredited training for HR and people and culture professionals.
Integrating a transformational culture and culture hub.
Employee Value Proposition (EVP) development.

Supporting the strategic transformation of the traditional HR function to an integrated People & Culture team

The People and Culture Strategy is probably one of the most important documents in the modern organisation. It sets the tone for the kind of organisation that you want to be and it ensures that your vision and core values are articulated clearly. Your values then act as a golden thread upon which every other part of your organisation can function and succeed.

TCM’s expert consultants have extensive experience of supporting organisations as they develop their People & Culture Strategy.

Our portfolio of support includes:

  • Undertaking a people and strategy audit to gather baseline data.
  • Defining your core organisational values.
  • Prioritising equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Developing and embedding values-based leadership competencies.

The strategy can be used to build on an already successful company culture. It can also support organisations seeking to transform away from a toxic culture, towards a happier, healthier and more harmonious workplace for all.

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