TCM Accredited


Once a delegate has completed the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation™ and passed the OCN accreditation, we will award them the ‘TCM Accredited Mediator’ status. This means that they can describe themselves as a ‘TCM Accredited Mediator’ on their online profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) and in their marketing.

To become a TCM Accredited Investigator, a delegate must complete TCM’s Practical Investigations Skills™ training which is accredited by The CPD Certification Service.

To maintain their TCM Accredited status, mediators and investigators must attend at least two CPD events per year. Accreditation will last for 3 years. At the end of the 3 years, delegates must attend a one-day workshop to secure a further three years accreditation.

Cost per accreditation: £95 + VAT (The cost of accreditation is included in the course fees for delegates on our accredited mediators and investigation skills courses)

What are the benefits of becoming TCM Accredited?

  1. Credibility – widely recognised in the world of mediation via the FAIR model.
  2. TCM is a well-known brand, nationally and worldwide, and therefore parties will have more confidence in TCM Accredited mediators.
  3. Discounts and offers on TCM Community training, events and CPD workshops.


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