Written by: David Liddle FRSA MBA

How To Use Mediation To Resolve Conflicts by David Liddle

9 Oct 2020

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David Liddle FRSA MBA
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How to use Mediation to resolve conflicts

Welcome to the 69th episode of my latest podcast #Leadingthecoachingchange.

You may know that 2 weeks ago I qualified civil, commercial and workplace mediator. It makes sense to start talking more about the power of meditation in my podcast. So for this week’s podcast, I invited David Liddle as my guest of honour. David is the director and CEO of TMC. David and I got into a 45-minutes conversation about the power of mediation.

If you want to listen to someone who truly loves what he is doing in his working life, then listen to how David talks passionately about mediation.

David says:

Dissonance and lack of clarity are the major antecedents of conflict

One of the beauties of mediation is an opportunity for insight growth and learning

In our conversation, David and I explored what mediation really is delve into how to manage the difference of opinions examined the future of mediation in the UK and globally? discussed the courageous conversations that disruptive leaders are having

We referred to Marshall Rosenberg and non-violent communication, Sidney Dekker and Daniel Goleman.

My favourite quote from this episode:

“We’re not taking those moments to stop to check-in and to check me, am I feeling as well?”

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