Written by: David Liddle FRSA MBA

Redefining Resolution in Healthcare Organisations: The E-Book by David Liddle

28 Apr 2021

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David Liddle FRSA MBA
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A new e-Book for HR, managers, and leaders will help resolve tensions within the NHS.

An innovative eBook ‘Redefining Resolution in Healthcare Organisations’ has been launched by The UK’s leading culture change and conflict resolution consultancy, The TCM Group. The eBook builds on lessons learned from 30 years of resolving conflict and complaints within the NHS and healthcare organisations. It sets out a new Resolution Framework™ designed to reframe current approaches for managing concerns (performance), conduct (discipline), complaints (grievances), and conflict at work.

Covid 19 made 2020 one of the most challenging years in many NHS workers’ lives with 44% of staff feeling unwell due to workplace stress.  Relationships are coming under strain with 12.4% of NHS staff reporting that they experienced bullying and harassment from their managers and 18.7% from colleagues*.

The NHS currently relies on an antiquated, reductive and corrosive HR policy framework to deal with everything from minor fallouts between colleagues to serious allegations of misconduct. These policies are based around blame, shame, and punishment – retributive justice. They are proven to destroy relationships and ruin people’s lives. NHS leaders and HR should focus on integrating a culture of transformational justice.


“This innovative model of justice focuses on restoring relationships, driving accountability, engendering constructive dialogue, and creating just and learning outcomes. Ultimately transformational justice is about helping hard working NHS staff to resolve workplace issues so that they can focus on caring for patients.”


A Practical Guide for Healthcare Organisations

The eBook offers practical tips and case studies that will help healthcare HR, managers, unions, and employees to work together to improve the way they resolve concerns, complaints, and conflicts at work. The Resolution Framework™ delivers significant benefits to the NHS and healthcare organisations:

  • Develop a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high performing organisation.
  • Protect relationships and maintain trust, respect, and communication.
  • Develop a just, learning, and restorative approach for resolving workplace issues.
  • Protect people’s self-esteem and their dignity.
  • Create psychologically safe places to resolve complaints, concerns and conflicts free from fear of retribution or retaliation.
  • Reduce the stress, anxiety and trauma associated with retributive disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Encourage adult to adult dialogue.

At a time when the healthcare sector, more than ever, needs its people to be engaged and functioning at their best, NHS leaders, managers and HR must put in place systems and processes which encourage resolution and dialogue, rather than promote distress and division.”


The new eBook offers NHS and healthcare leaders guidelines on why and how to implement a tried and tested Resolution Framework™ to replace the traditional disciplinary, performance and grievance procedures. It sets out the numerous benefits of doing so and includes case studies from various healthcare organisations that are joining the Resolution Revolution. This timely eBook also explains why and how to introduce a transformational culture to replace the prevailing culture of retribution. It describes how a transformational culture can produce a new model of social contract within the NHS which unites leaders, unions, employees and HR in a connected and powerful alliance to make the NHS a safer and better place to work.

You can request your free copy of this unique eBook ‘Redefining Resolution in Healthcare Organisations’ here.

*NHS staff survey results 2020

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