Written by: Matt Giblin

20 Reasons why The TCM Group is a Great Place to Work by Matt Giblin

23 Jun 2021

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Matt Giblin
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What a wonderful company The TCM Group is! It certainly feels like I joined at the right time. Despite the pressures and financial uncertainties generated over the past year, we’ve had a record-breaking year. Perhaps fittingly so, as on June 20th, 2021, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary. As part of a range of planned activities to commemorate the occasion, I wanted to take the time to reflect and share with you, our customers, friends, and connections, exactly what makes The TCM Group such a great place to work.

Of course, the number ‘20’ is the theme here, so here they are. My 20 reasons why the TCM Group is a great place to work…

1. The team. The TCM head office team is a fantastic group to be a part of. I felt welcomed from my very first day, and being a small business, we all get to work closely together, interacting on a range of different projects, and taking the lead at different times.

2. We help people. TCM is a business with helping others at its core. Mediation is the beating heart of the company and serves to rebuild damaged working relationships, to allow for employees to work more effectively together, and enjoy their working lives.

3. Our customers. It never ceases to amaze me to see the variety, quantity and calibre of clients that come to TCM for support. From the NHS to government, banking, pharmaceuticals, universities, charities and small businesses, we really do cover all bases!

4. Working for an expert. David truly is the expert in the conflict management space. He has dedicated his whole career to the field and has achieved so much both before and after setting up the TCM Group. There’s always something new to learn!

5. The consultants. TCM extends much further than our in-house office team. We have a pool of expert consultants who deliver our training and services, based across the UK and beyond. Their combined experiences and skillsets are quite remarkable, and each brings their unique skills and talents to the business.

6. The business is growing. The previous financial year has been a record-breaking year for TCM. The business is growing, both financially and in terms of head-count. As we grow, our offering has expanded to widen our mediation services and beyond.

7. It’s like working for several companies at once. To build on my previous point, The TCM Group is a mediation company, an investigation company, a leadership consultancy, a culture change pioneer… and so much more. From a marketing perspective, this brings a level of variety I’ve never experienced before!

8. No two weeks are the same. This might sound a little cliché, but it’s certainly a reflection of my experience working at TCM. We’re continually evolving our offering, adopting new marketing techniques and growing as a team. This means there is always a new opportunity to take hold of.

9. A great office in the heart of London. Visits to the office have been rare over the past year, but when restrictions have allowed, it’s a fantastic location, in a buzzing area of London. Just a short walk for me from Kings Cross, the Business Design Centre hosts a variety of companies, and we look forward to welcoming guests to our offices again, as we move toward the new normal.

10. The bonus scheme. There is a generous, shared incentive for the business to perform. We each receive a portion of the monthly profits, as a top-up to our base salaries. ‘When TCM grows, everyone benefits’ is the shared philosophy.

11. Our partner charities. As part of our 20th-anniversary celebrations, we’ve formed ongoing partnership arrangements with The British Heart Foundation and Alzheimer’s Society. They also benefit from a share of our profits, and stay tuned for some fundraising challenges over the summer months!

12. A commitment to our planet. As part of an ongoing environmental, social and corporate governance strategy, we are in the process of working towards becoming a B-Corp. A global recognition for businesses that strive for much more than money-making alone. We are also working towards becoming carbon neutral by the end of the financial year.

13. Hybrid working. The past year has taught us that both our own work and the services we deliver can be as successful delivered remotely, as they are in a face-to-face environment. When the final restrictions are lifting, we plan to keep a split between office and home working. We’ll also offer our services and training remotely, and face-to-face, depending on the needs of the customer. The best of both worlds, I feel.

14. Training and development opportunities. Each member of the TCM office team is offered the chance to attend our very own National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course. Providing us with a range of skills, and a thorough understanding of the work that we do. The team have also been lucky to attend a copywriting course, and I’ve just completed my leadership training, as I venture into my first line management role.

15. Our digital ecosystem. As a marketing professional, I’m lucky to be working within a strong online presence. In addition to our main TCM website, we have a series of microsites to showcase some of our more specific offerings, and we utilise a full range of marketing tools… SEO, Google Ads, Email, Social, Content, Events… we’ve got it covered!

16. Our wonderful design & development team. Aubergine 262 are our external creative and web development agency. I can’t praise Mark, Bekki, Matt and the team enough for their ongoing efforts, and never cease to be impressed with the wonderful looking and functional projects they deliver for us.

17. The overlap between roles. Being a small business, we are quite a close-knit team. Although my specialism is marketing, I also get involved with some sales activity, product development and project management. I get valuable input from the whole team on my marketing projects too!

18. Our full team meetings. Every Monday, we take the time to meet as a full team. This generates a strong sense of collaboration and keeps everyone up to date across the full range of business functions. It’s great to be part of a business where every staff member will work alongside each other, at least once a week.

19. Our success during the pandemic. Job security is important, and the fact that TCM has continued to grow throughout such a challenging year offers great prospects for the future. The work that we do does very often support other companies to save money, so I very much hope that we’ve helped other companies to retain their success, during the pandemic, too.

20. Our events. One of the first projects I focused on at TCM was the promotion and administration of a healthcare conference. I’m now involved in promoting and coordinating events most weeks and quite often get to attend them too. There’s always a lot to learn from our internal team, and guest speakers, alike.

So there we have it. 20 reasons to be thankful for the job that I have. I’m still at a fairly early stage in my career journey and hope the coming years will present even more opportunities and challenges, as my role within the company progresses.