Written by: Ade Adeniji

Courageous Conversations & Vulnerability by Ade Adeniji

20 Sep 2021

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Ade Adeniji
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How vulnerable should we be in the workplace?

Ade Adeniji, one of our long-standing resolution consultants; and equality, diversity and inclusion specialist; was recently asked to speak on the Sattva Soul weekly podcast.

In this episode, Celine, the founder of this transformational wellness company, spoke with Ade on the topic of courageous conversations. Well done for Ade for speaking so openly on the topic of vulnerability, and how this can be the facilitator of connection and more meaningful interactions with others at work. Take the chance to listen and hear Ade and Celine discuss:

  • Ade’s personal journey and career progression into the people development space.
  • Vulnerability: being brave to hold conversations where you don’t know what the outcome will be.
  • Building a sense of belonging through courageous conversations with others.
  • The impact of social media upon our daily interactions.


Looking to become more confident and courageous in the way you and your colleagues interact at work? Our Quality Conversations programme could be an excellent choice for you!

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