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Personnel Today Awards 2021 by Robyn Marsh

18 Nov 2021

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Robyn Marsh
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2021 has been memorable. Amidst moments of great change, sometimes conflict, and often challenge, there’s also been celebration. The past year, if not two, has brought many trials and tribulations to the fore of our workplaces. Mental health is the prevailing theme for many, more are resigning than ever before, and the way we work is fast evolving. But times of unrest provide valuable lessons, too. We’re able to look a little deeper than we have before and grow, if we want to.

That’s what Tuesday’s Personnel Today Awards celebrated – the heroes in the storm. Those maybe not always able, but certainly willing, to pick themselves up and march on. To promise that the future would be better than the now, and taking those steps with compassion, communication and courage; recognising that in conflict and challenge, there’s an opportunity for real, tangible change.

At the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, ten colleagues of The TCM Group sat round a table, in a grand room of hundreds. For some, it was the first time we’d met without the crackle of microphone audio and frozen faces on screens. We were spoiled with a three-course meal, copious amounts of alcohol and a speech from comedian Russell Kane that left us in crumpled hysterics, hanging off our chairs. The band played, glasses clinked and chandeliers winked in the purple lights, becoming the steady melody of the evening. And cutting through it all – the infectious laughter, soaring happiness and gratitude that rumbled throughout the great room.

It can be nothing other than serendipity, then, that we were to receive the Change Management Award in recognition of our work with TSB Bank. One of the UK’s largest banks and household names had the capacity to acknowledge the archaism of traditional policy and the courage to overturn, rip up the rules and revitalise their systems. In 2020, TCM and TSB collaborated to transform their approach to conflict management: moving away from divisive formal procedures to a values-based and people-centred Resolution Framework™.

Facilitating open and honest dialogue became the emblem of the organisation, allowing policies to mirror its people: empowering, encouraging and celebrating employees for all their nuances, intricacies and worth. Since implementing restorative justice, in place of formal sanctions, the impact on culture has been untenable. Three-quarters of those questioned in an annual survey now feel that people are held accountable for their behaviours, and over 80% feel that they are treated fairly and with respect. The dream to visualise an inclusive organisation became a reality, made possible by streamlining policies to values with genuine intention.

It circles back to the year’s themes of change, conflict and challenge. We’re always going to have conflict in our workplaces. Some days, weeks, or months will be harder than others. But it’s how we deal with this that will form the present and future of our companies. Will we confront? Or will we celebrate?

We can be the heroes in the storm, if we want to.

Congratulations to all of the winners and attendees. You can see all of the winners from this year’s Personnel Today Awards, here.

If you’d like to follow in TSB Bank’s footsteps and integrate the Resolution Framework within your organisation; then for a limited time we are offering a half-price, 1-day “Routes to Resolution” course. Providing all you need to get started on your resolution journey, delegates will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits, principles, processes and practical applications (plus a FREE COPY) of the Resolution Framework™. Contact us to find out more!

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