“I have recently completed my workplace mediation certificate training and the quality of the training was amazing the team were very supportive and it was great to see how the course had been adapted to the virtual environment and how this can be used in practice.”

Estelle Myers,South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“20 years in business – What an amazing achievement! Those last 20 years have seen some very turbulent times for business and the economy and to be standing here today with an exciting, thriving and growing business is a testament to yours and the TCM team’s hard work. We all here at Aubergine very much enjoy working with you, developing the brand and web presence and are excited to see how the TCM story continues! Many congratulations to you all.”

Mark Tomkins,Aubergine

“I have not yet had the pleasure of working with you personally. I thank you for your YouTube videos which are both incredibly helpful and inspiring. Congratulations on your Anniversary. I wish you many, many, many more!”

Breece Wilson,Necessarycontent.tv

“TCM is leading the way in resolving conflict in an adult to adult way. Since leaving the corporate world it has been great to work with like minded TCM colleagues. The team are so helpful and want to do the right things for their clients. Here’s to another 20 plus years for TCM.”

Stephen Adams,TCM Resolution Consultant

“I first worked with TCM back in 2014, when Royal Mail made the groundbreaking decision to implement an in-house mediation team, of which I was lucky to be part. For those first 2 years, the relationship between the 2 organisations was exceptionally close, with the Resolution Consultants from TCM supporting us every step of the way from our initial training, to implementation, marketing and development of the team as an integral part of Royal Mail’s culture change programme.

Once the initial team set-up was complete, I remained in touch with TCM, keeping on top of my skills as a mediator and broadening my knowledge through their CPD offerings. I’m even included in David Liddle’s first book, Managing Conflict, sharing my passion for mediation. It was, therefore, without hesitation, that on leaving Royal Mail in 2019, I approached David and the Team to become one of their Resolution Consultants.

Thanks to their support and encouragement, I was nominated for and won the Civil Mediation Council’s “Workplace Mediator of the Year” award in 2020. As a Resolution Consultant, my mediator career has gone full circle, and now I deliver their excellent National Certificate in Workplace Mediation and other CPD courses, especially in the area of conflict and mental health, in addition to mediation and facilitation services.”

Marie Coombes,TCM & We Restore Calm

“I first worked with TCM in 2013 when they helped me implement the Model Resolution Policy, with associated mediation training, in the adult residential care company I was HRD for. They supported the implementation and helped me understand how to set up an internal mediation scheme.

I valued their input and model so much, I repeated the exercise when I moved to a hospitality group in 2015. The quality of the training, the support materials and guidance on how to set up internal resolution services was invaluable.

Now I am heading up The TCM Group’s People & Resolution service. I am fortunate now to be able to share with a wide audience, the benefits, good practice and positive experiences I enjoyed with resolution in my previous roles, with other HR and People professionals.”

Gemma Todd,The TCM Group

“We have been working with TCM, in order to set up an In-house Mediation Service. I have found them, as a company, to be knowledgeable & helpful and always feel the focus is on achieving business outcomes, rather than the training event itself. TCM trainers have a passion for resolving conflict & their enthusiasm both engages, inspires and energises others.”

Gillian McClean,London Borough of Hillingdon

“Great organisation and great people passionate about mediation and resolution. We have worked with TCM for 5 years and have recommended their mediation, training and consultation services to many.”

Catherine Anderson,OneSource

“TCM has been used several times by DWP over the years, we’ve received very positive feedback from our mediators from every course that’s been run. We have a great relationship, TCM has fantastic offers/networking events and I hope we will continue to see more of this. The training that TCM delivered was extremely effective and engaging. Even those trained by TCM from other government departments have had nothing but good things to say. TCM benefited us by giving us the ability for our organisation to offer an outstanding mediation service which is continuing to grow. If was up to me we’d choose TCM every time, but I understand we have internal processes to follow. I look forward to us working together in future, hopefully not just the training of new mediators, but other events too.”

Danni Hudson,Department for Work & Pensions

“I am very happy with the service provided by TCM. Often in Operations, we are so busy ensuring that our Service Users are well cared for, it is difficult for us to assign Managers to investigations. TCM do a fantastic job supporting us with investigations and by using TCM, we ensure investigations are impartial and outcomes are fair. The turnaround on investigations is really quick, which again is sometimes a struggle for us at Cygnet Health Care. I would thoroughly recommend TCM to support businesses.”

Lyn Elliott,Cygnet Health Care

“TCM are excellent and specialise in mediation services. They really are the experts in this field. I have used TCM several times and always get good results from them. David and his team always go that extra mile for you. If you do a cost-benefit analysis, TCM are able to save organisations considerable amounts of money. It is also highly rewarding to see staff working together again in a really positive way (in the majority of cases). TCM have a 92% success rate and I would not go anywhere else”

Steven Shaw,Royal College of General Practitioners

“I would wholeheartedly recommend The TCM Group to anyone looking to implement mediation/resolution into their workplace. They are extremely professional, incredibly knowledgeable and very welcoming and relaxed in their approach.”

Geri Brownrigg,NCTPHQ

“It’s very rare to come across someone who is quite so passionate about their area of expertise. David (and the whole TCM team) have been extremely professional, knowledgeable, supportive and not to mention a little patient as we work to implement our mediation scheme in TSB. But that’s not the half of it. What is really striking is David’s absolute belief and commitment that there is a better, more human, way of resolving conflict that benefits everyone from the impacted people to the wider business – it’s completely inspiring and wherever I go in my career from this point, the resolution of conflict is something I will focus on in a way that I never would have in the past. It’s been a pleasure to work with David and the TCM team and I hope that opportunity will crop up again in the future. His book is an excellent read as well.”

Jonathan Goodger,TSB

“I have been working with TCM for a couple of years now. They are by far the most open and supportive organisation I have ever worked with. Every level within the company is accessible and open to new ways of working, as a consultant I feel my views are taken seriously and I have always felt supported especially during difficult and complex investigations. Happy Anniversary”

Chris Howarth,The TCM Group

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