”Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”
John F. Kennedy

Bola Oginni lives by this quote, bringing JFK’s warmth, charisma, and devotion to his resolution approach. Bola is committed to lifelong learning, training, mediating and coaching to support as many people as possible to achieve their potential and make a difference wherever they are. Empowering people to rediscover their inner self and find fulfilment while focusing on their human potential is fundamental to Bola’s work and stance on life itself.

Bola is a natural people’s person, who has the passion to connect with people and the skills to inspire them to maximise their potential. He strives to inspire others to press forward with a passion for achieving their goals.

Bola brings expertise and a passion for mediation, training and coaching to the TCM Group. As an experienced, qualified workplace mediator/ trainer and coach he has also worked in a variety of other areas including local communities, youth offending services, recruitment and not for profit organisations. He has a strong belief that effective dialogue is the key to resolving and avoiding conflicts and disputes.

What people say:

“Bola was an amazing trainer, he inspired the entire group and had a training style that I have never experienced before. He was passionate about the topic and delivered the contents in a manner that made it easy to learn and understand. I particularly liked learning about brain chemistry, emotional intelligence and understanding the mind and how powerful it can be. I will be able to use what I have learnt not only at work but at home and in everyday life.”

Angharad Rayner, EHSS+Q Manager at Magnox – Practical Investigation Skills


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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM

Developing sector specific resolution solutions.

Public speaking and Presentations

Leadership and Development


Team Facilitation

Bola specialises in:

Team Mediation and Facilitation

Conflict Management Skills

Challenging Conversations

Leadership and Management Skills


Executive Development

Equality and Diversity

Emotional Intelligence

Bullying and Harassment

Qualifications and Awards

Title Diploma in Coaching

National Certificate in Workplace Mediation


Professional Mediators Association

Mediator of the Year 2016. Professional Mediators Association