Executive and Conflict coaching

We offer one-to-one coaching for managers, supervisors and executives who are experiencing conflict, change or crisis. Coaching is a collaborative relationship and tends to involve three or four one-hour meetings over a period of weeks.

The coach works with their employee to reflect on how they act, interact and react at times of conflict. The coach helps to explore behaviours which will enable them to change or manage how they engage with others.

Our coaching packages are tailor made to suit the needs of the individual being coached. Since coaching is a one-to-one process, it can often be more productive than traditional classroom or group training.


The mediator listened carefully to my views and acted in a very professional manner. I was very happy with the mediators approach and outcome as she helped us to identify and evaluate a variety of constructive options.

– Interflora
Executive Coaching

Managers or employees may benefit from coaching if they have been affected by conflict or change in the workplace, or simply wish to adapt how they react and engage with others.

Coaching is a highly effective tool for developing resilience and confidence in managers and leaders  

Coaching is a highly effective tool for developing resilience and confidence in managers and leaders, addressing difficult behaviours in the workplace, or resolving disputes.

Conflict Coaching

Coaching is ideal for disputing parties, as an alternative to mediation where parties are resistant to mediate.

HR professionals or customer care advisors can benefit from coaching in dealing customer complaints or aggressive behaviour. Coaching also helps employees who have been subject to disciplinary action for bullying or harassment.

Our coaching services are also available for professional workplace mediators (internal or external).

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