Confident Conversations

Confident Conversations

Confident Conversations

Course Introduction
Equip your managers and leaders with the skills they need to prevent disputes before they escalate out of control

All managers experience difficult situations with their employees at some stage. When problems occur, having the skills to manage difficult conversations makes a huge difference in saving time and costs. This one-day course gives you the skills to deal with difficult behaviours including:

  • Under-performance
  • Manipulative behaviour
  • Personality clashes
  • Malicious gossiping
  • Absenteeism 

The ability to manage difficult conversations is one of the cornerstones of effective management and leadership. On this course, delegates learn how to hold a confident conversation, nip issues in the bud and give feedback to their team in tough situations. Delegates will also learn how to manage strong emotions, how to prevent workplace conflicts escalating and how to communicate with taciturn employees and team members exhibiting challenging behaviour.

The course has been designed and is delivered by experts. Delegates develop an awareness of the block and barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them. Through active participation and experiential learning delegates learn how to secure sustainable and lasting outcomes at times of change, crisis or conflict.


A practical and highly effective course

The course develops the core competencies that managers and leaders require to have effective and constructive dialogues with a member of their team, particularly over poor performance, absences, redundancy, or other bad news.

The course utilises best practice and develops awareness of the blocks and barriers managers may face when having a difficult conversation with an employee. It also provides delegates with the tools and skills to plan for the expected as well as the unexpected!

 The course uses a variety of teaching and learning methods. The course is highly participatory. The TCM trainers make use of realistic case studies and role plays as well as small group discussions and trainer input.

Agendas and Objectives
Confident Conversations™ at a glance
  • Duration: 1 dayconfident conversations
  • Suitable for: Managers, leaders, HR professionals and others responsible for managing conflict and change
  • Learning outcomes: Develop constructive conversations and manage strong emotions.
  • Delivery: In-house and Public (London & Regional)
  • Trainers: Only ever delivered by full time TCM consultants.
  • Cost: £295 + VAT. Contact us for our latest prices for in-house training.
 Key program objectives:
  • How to use informal resolution skills
  • Key communication skills
  • Working with strong emotions and behaviours
  • Active listening: how to separate facts, feelings, perceptions and needs
  • Reframing and non-defensive responses to criticism
By the end of this course participants will be able to:
  • Understand how to prepare for, hold and reflect upon a difficult conversation
  • Gain an enhanced ability to recognise and overcome the blocks, barriers and fears around having difficult conversation
  • Manage strong emotions and assertively challenge negative or destructive attitudes or behaviours
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