Facilitated Conversations

Facilitated Conversations

Facilitated Conversations

Course Introduction

Essential facilitated conversations and mediation training for HR, Unions and Managers

Increasingly, HR professionals are being called upon to spot, prevent, and resolve workplace disputes before they escalate or explode. In the new dispute resolution reality, HR teams are adopting the role of mediators and facilitators within the modern organisation.

This course specially designed for HR, Unions and Managers builds on their experiences of grievance resolution. It offers a tried and tested model of mediation along with a series of practical tips and guides to secure a positive resolution in workplace grievances and disputes. It also enables HR and ER professionals to provide coaching and support for managers to help them secure constructive outcomes without the need for recourse to formal grievance, disciplinary or performance management procedures.


Please note: This course is not suitable for professionals who have already been trained as mediators. If you wish to become a certified internal mediator, please click here to see full details of the National Certificate In Workplace Mediation.

Agendas and Objectives

Facilitated Conversations

  • Duration: 1 or 2 days
  • Suitable for: HR Professionals, Managers & Unions
  • Learning outcomes: Building collaboration and strengthening the culture between HR, Unions and Management
  • Delivery: In-house 
  • Trainers: Delivered by our expert TCM trainers

The course offers a blend of theory and practice and will equip the delegates with the skills necessary to facilitate or effectively mediate to maintain a peaceful and productive working environment. Upon completing this course, they will:

  • Understand the causes and effects of conflicts and disputes
  • Be able to set up and manage facilitated conversations mediation meetings with care and control
  • Have the key skills required to help/coach managers to have facilitated conversations at work
  • Develop the key skills to manage the five stages of the highly acclaimed FAIR mediation model™


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