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Facilitative mediation

4 May 2022

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Previously one of the only forms of mediation available in the 60’s and 70’s the content of facilitative mediation sessions is controlled entirely by the parties. Mediators help parties to come to agreement based on the creation of empathy and an understanding of each other’s needs. Facilitative mediation is empowering to the individuals involved in a dispute as the sole goal is to help those involved gain an understanding of the factors that have led to the issues that they have had.

It has been said that facilitative mediation is not solution focused enough, however there is an approach to mediation which takes the key components of facilitative mediation and points them directly at a firm resolution. This model of mediation acts as the basis for TCM’s FAIR model of mediation which focuses firmly on the parties, their narrative, its impact and what they need from the other person involved in order to move the relationship out of conflict. Check out this article by Zena Zumeta: www.mediate.com/articles/zumeta.cfm