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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

4 May 2022

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The first thing to say about this is that the essence of the process as in the name is that it is a concise look at problems and finding solutions. It is focused around three key component questions

  • What are your best hopes from this therapy?
  • What would your day-to-day-life look like if these hopes were realised?
  • What are you already doing and have done in the past that might contribute to these hopes being realized

From the outset, it is about moving forward and is based critically on the outlined needs of the individual and the questioning style used is not too dissimilar to the challenging questions asked by mediators in the second meeting of the TCM FAIR Model. The facilitator acknowledges and appreciates the position of the party as the starting point for their question and then poses the question from this point to examine the individual’s range of generating options and results from the position they are in to where they want to be. This is very similar to the way in which we as mediators try to help parties to consider their needs and alternative options before entering the joint meeting. Check out this website www.brieftherapy.org.uk/