Wolves are courageous, protective, caring, and strongly determined. As animals, their adaptability is extreme and unlike any other: they are able to survive in the perpetual darkness of the artic, the driest deserts, and the sticky humidity of a Gulf Coast swamp. It’s no coincidence, then, that Harriette Wolff is a natural fit for mediation. Unafraid of any complexity or challenge, Harriette is committed to solving disputes with compassion and the utmost care. We are unsure if she would find -40°C Arctic climates hospitable, though.

Harriette is a Chartered member of the CIPD (Charted Institute of Personnel and Development) with specialist areas in Employee Relations and Mediation. Her background lies in delivering HR advice to key stakeholders, ensuring business objectives are met but people’s needs are placed at the forefront of such. She has led and supported countless complex and challenging HR issues, with specialist areas in Bullying and Harassment and Discrimination and is a trained Workplace Investigator. Her work as a Trailblazer for Mediation and Resolution was published in David Liddle’s book, ‘Managing Conflict’ after she successfully developed and implemented one of the first Resolution and Mediation frameworks within the Hotel Industry in 2014/15.

Harriette is a trained Mediator, Coach and Trainer, and will ensure positive outcomes come from her time with your Company and Employees; she is caring, supportive and compassionate in her work and will guide individuals through the toughest of situations. In her spare time, she coaches those out of work to build their confidence and volunteers with the ‘Pregnant then Screwed’ Mentor Scheme to support women and parents who face Employment Tribunals folllowing Discrimination in the workplace.

What people say:

“Harriette is a true Employee Relations Champion!She is passionate about mediation and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Not only she is managing all ER issues in the Hotel but she is involved with all other matters and that truly shows her passion. She won several awards and inspired others in her field. Whilst our Human Resources manager was on maternity leave Harriette proved herself by taking over and showing great management skills. Not only a great colleague/manager but a great friend too.”

Danai Spania, Host Manager at Epiculiar.

‘The course was really engaging; the facilitator was knowledgeable and delivered it very well. There was a good balance of learning/presenting vs group activities/discussion. I left with
the confidence, core understanding and skills to start investigating within my organisation.’

Pete Glass, Manager Air Traffic Services, NATS. Practical Investigation Skills Training

‘Harriette tackles issues head on but is not afraid to address any challenges where she feels a better approach could be tried. Having worked with her on a number of complex ER cases, I know I can count on her to give honest, professional & reliable advice that safeguards the Company and is fair on the employee’

Florian Broemel MIH, General Manager, K West Hotel and Spa

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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM

Workplace investigations

Workplace Mediation

Team Facilitation

HR Coach and Mediation Training Delivery

Harriette specialises in:

Core Investigation Skills

Practical Investigation Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Mental Health in Mediation

Conflict Management skills

Workplace Investigation

Bullying and Harassment

Sexual Discrimination

Qualifications and Awards


Coaching for Performance


HR Rising Star - HR in Hospitality Awards

Mediation Rising Star 2015 - Professional Mediator's Association

Mediation Champion of the Year 2016 - PMAs

Internal Workplace Scheme 2016 - PMAs