Healthcare Investigation Services & Training

Thorough, fair, rigorous and robust investigations, delivered by healthcare-sector specialists.

Complaints, concerns and conflicts are inevitable within the healthcare setting due to its high-pressure environment. Disputes may also include patients and their families. No one wants an investigation to have to happen, but when it does, it is essential that a trained and experienced professional conducts the process, for a minimal impact on patient care and wellbeing.

Healthcare investigation services and training delivered by experts with extensive experience working in the healthcare setting.

Our healthcare sector offering includes

Over 16,000 staff enter formal disciplinary processes within the healthcare sector on an annual basis. When an investigation is carried out internally, it must be managed alongside the existing responsibilities of the job. This can cause delays, and a lack of focus which can trigger feelings of isolation and stress for the staff members involved, and a cost to the organisation due to a loss of productivity.

An investigation is a labour intensive and complex process, which should only be completed by a trained and competent investigator. The TCM Group offer a portfolio of services and training to ensure that your healthcare investigations are completed in a fair, thorough and impartial manner:

  • Expertly delivered healthcare investigation services on a one-off or ongoing arrangement
  • Specialist healthcare investigations into serious incidents and patient safety complaints
  • Supporting the set up of an effective in-house investigation service
  • A wide range of healthcare investigation training courses including our flagship ‘Practical Investigation Skills’ accredited programme.
  • All the administrative support needed to make your investigation service a success, including key documentation, policy frameworks, account management and consultancy services.

The FAIR Investigation Model™

Advocating a compassionate, empathetic and non-confrontational approach

TCM’s FAIR Investigation Model™ advocates a compassionate, empathetic and non-confrontational approach for interviewing and investigating. That’s not to say the process isn’t rigorous, challenging and highly effective. However, experience has taught us that parties who feel threatened in an interview release high levels of adrenaline and cortisol which means that they can become defensive, creating hostility or withdrawal.

Using the power of Positive Psychology during our interviews, we enable the parties to feel safer and more secure which has significant benefits for them, for the interviewer and for the investigation process as a whole:

  • The investigation is less stressful, damaging and corrosive for the parties.
  • Creating less stress, fear and anxiety means that we protect relationships between colleagues and managers.
  • We may be able to interview less people to identify the truth which means that working relationships stay intact.

What happens as part of the TCM healthcare investigation process?

First and foremost, prior to conducting an investigation within the healthcare setting, we will always explore whether an alternative approach such as mediation is suitable. Very often, complaints, concerns and conflicts can be quickly resolved without the need for a formal procedure.

Where an investigation is deemed the most appropriate response, we will assign one of our expert investigators to your case. We will provide a best match based on their healthcare sector experience and the exact nature of the case. The process will then follow with meticulous planning, and thorough execution.

Every TCM healthcare investigation will include:

A clear, structured investigation plan
A methodical, rigorous and robust investigation process
World class interviewing and evidence gathering techniques
A highly detailed, comprehensive report, with findings based on the 'balance of probabilities'
Additional recommendations for organisations to reflect upon and improve for the future

Healthcare Investigation Enquiry