Neutral Evaluation

Neutral Evaluations

We provide a proactive Neutral Evaluation service for where no specific allegations are made but the organisation wishes to have an independent examination or fact-find carried out.

Our Neutral evaluation service is ideal for use in complex workplace disputes such as multiple or counter grievances, collective disputes, team conflict or allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination. 

One of our dispute resolution experts will undertake a speedy and thorough evaluation of the current situation and provide a detailed report outlining the options available. We always ensure that we work within the time limits laid within your own policies and the Employment Act 2008. Most neutral evaluations take only three days to complete including interviews and report preparation.

Neutral evaluation

“I thought both investigators acted professionally and skilfully throughout the day – I was extremely impressed by the whole experience” 

– David, Programme Manager
University of Southampton

During the neutral evaluation, we will seek to identify potential remedies and solutions. Our independent evaluation services gives you all of the information that you require before you proceed with an appropriate intervention.

Our neutral evaluation service allows you to outsource the difficult and often contentious element of decision making and then informs you with a series of options for the most appropriate course of action.

We do not seek to attribute any blame or make a determination. We are simply assessing the suitability of the case for mediation and/or any other course of action.

This is not an investigation! During the neutral evaluation, we will seek to identify potential remedies and solutions. 

During the evaluation, we collect a wide range of information about the parties, your organisation, the systems, cultures and other factors that may have contributed to the conflict. The evaluation will result in a number of clear recommendations being made available through the final report.

For more information on how we conduct an neutral evaluation or to book an evaluation – contact us on 0800 294 97 87