Appeals and Determinations

Neutral Evaluations or Independent Appeals

Our aim is to give you an objective overview of the situation – thereby enabling you to achieve a successful resolution – contact us on 0800 294 97 87 TCM has designed a unique neutral evaluation service for use in complex workplace disputes such as multiple or counter grievances; collective disputes; team conflict or allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination.

An area of expertise from TCM

One of our dispute resolution experts will undertake a speedy and thorough evaluation of the current situation and provide a detailed report outlining the options available. We always ensure that we work within the time limits laid within your own policies and the Employment Act 2008. Most neutral evaluations take only three days to complete including interviews and report preparation.

This is not an investigation!

We do not seek to attribute any blame or make a determination. We are simply assessing the suitability of the case for mediation and/or any other course of action. During the evaluation, we collect a wide range of information about the parties, your organisation, the systems, cultures and other factors that may have contributed to the conflict. The evaluation will result in a number of clear recommendations being made available through the final report.

<span>University of London</span>

I am very satisfied with the outcome. The mediator explained things well and the mediation was very well structured. 

Anonymous University of London
The Benefits
A solution focused approach

During the neutral evaluation, we will seek to identify potential remedies and solutions. In addition, we will make all parties aware of the potential role of mediation, thereby allowing them to make an informed decision about their involvement in any future mediation or dispute resolution process. Mediation provides all parties with the opportunity to reach a positive, appropriate and sustainable resolution to the conflict The benefits of mediation in teams can be far reaching and some times surprising.


The benefits of using TCM’s independent evaluation services:

  • You will have all of the information that you require before you proceed with an appropriate intervention.
  • You have outsourced a difficult and often contentious element of decision making which frees you up to take the most appropriate course of action.
  • TCM are objective dispute resolution experts and our recommendations tend to be more acceptable to all parties concerned.
Independent Appeals
A unique service for small to large companies and organisations

Our appeals and hearings service is aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses, where the management may be conflicted or find themselves in the challenging position of not being able to provide an impartial party to hear a grievance or disciplinary appeal. With the existence of the Employment Act 2008, it is important that each step of the process is conducted fairly, reasonably and with an open mind. To achieve this goal, each step should ideally be undertaken by someone who has had no previous involvement in the matter. Failure to do so may result in an automatically unfair dismissal.

The service on offer

A hearing or appeal tends to last for one full chargeable day comprising of:- 

  • An initial, and off site review of the paperwork relating to the grievance or disciplinary appeal.
  • Two hours of a qualified dispute resolution expert’s time to hear the grievance or appeal at your premises.
  • One hour in order for the expert to deliberate once the hearing has been completed
  • One hour to deal with presenting and delivering the conclusion, and the appropriate letter confirming the decision.
  • Final report to the employer.

Should you believe that the matter is more involved or complex, and anticipate the hearing will take longer than allowed for, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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To compliment our extensive range of mediation and dispute resolution services, TCM carries out independent investigations into:

  • allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination.
  • allegations of misconduct or gross misconduct.
  • as part of internal disciplinary or grievance procedures.
  • into allegations of wrong doing including issues of child protection.
  • into allegations or complaints from customers, clients or services users.
  • into complaints from service users including NHS patients and their families.

We also offer training in mediation and coaching

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