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Coaching is a powerful component of our leadership development offering, and can be delivered on a standalone basis, or alongside our extensive range of development options. Our expert leadership coaches are on hand to provide 1-1 support and professional development, for managers and groups at all levels within your organisation.

All of our leadership coaches are accredited and have an extensive background in leading senior teams through change. They take a practical approach to helping leaders identify priorities for development, define challenging goals, and practical actionable steps in plans for their own development journeys.

Management coaching packages can be planned in blocks of 3, 6 and 10 sessions. It can also incorporate evaluation tools such as 180/360-degree feedback, and personality type instruments such as MBTI, insights or lumina. This variety of tools is used as part of a coaching programme to develop leaders’ self-awareness, creating a realistic perspective on strengths and potential blind spots to support personal development planning.


Typical scenarios within which we work may include:

Working with aspiring leaders to develop their skills and confidence.
Working with your current leaders to help them adapt to a values-based leadership model.
Supporting leaders through a merger & acquisition, management buyout, or other corporate transformation programme.
Supporting line managers to handle conflict and change more effectively.

Management Coaching

We deliver management coaching on both a 1-1 basis, and sometimes with larger teams. This may often be with a leader who feels too overwhelmed to take a new course of action. It could also be with a manager looking to take an overall review of their leadership approach/ team dynamic.

Coaching for management helps leaders to reset a balance so they can prioritise and regain a sense of control, positive action and wellbeing. After working with one of our expert leadership coaches, we know that managers become more confident, and proactive in how they approach their leadership, relate to others and manage a challenging agenda.

Career Development Coaching

Career coaching is a specialism that we have developed to support people as they plan how to best chart their own careers and prepare for new opportunities. We take people through a process of identifying their strengths and potential blind spots; their drivers for engagement in the work they do; and the values that underpin the types of roles they aspire to. Sometimes people realise that they need help to achieve their full potential. Career coaching can help them plan to take the necessary steps into a new phase of their careers.

As people step up to a new role, coaching can also help them to adjust to new challenges and responsibilities. We can also provide coaching for those who have reached a crossroads, and as they leave a role, are actively looking to optimise their potential for success in finding their next position.

Conflict Coaching

Here at The TCM Group, we’ve been specialising in the resolution of complaints, concerns and conflicts in the workplace for over 20 years. Coaching is also a valuable tool to support, both with the resolution of existing issues and preventing further disputes from developing.

Our expert conflict coaches help leaders and their team members to develop a broader perspective of a situation and identify how they can approach it in the most positive way to achieve the very best outcomes. Thanks to our roots in conflict management, we are able to blend the skills and knowledge of conflict resolution, mediation and coaching to help support those in conflict to work towards a positive outcome.

The executive coaching was recommended to me, to help me deal with some personal difficulties that I was experiencing at work. I had been experiencing workplace bullying from my team, and no action was taken, despite multiple complaints. When I first met with the coach, I had been off sick for many months with work-related stress and mental exhaustion. The coach’s role was to help me prepare for a number of difficult meetings with team members and managers, to help resolve the issues. – SENIOR CLINICAL CONSULTANT- CONFLICT COACHING SERVICES

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