Wellbeing, Engagement & Inclusion

Creating a better employee experience, for all

TCM’s wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy supports organisations to create fair and inclusive cultures through inclusive leadership.  In doing so, you’ll create a sense of belonging within your organisation, enabling employees to feel able to be themselves, connect freely with their colleagues and take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Exclusion can take many forms, from systemic discrimination to team behaviours, that diminish the experiences and potential of people. Understanding and addressing this is a priority in the work we do. Our expert team of wellbeing, engagement and inclusion consultants deliver a variety of services.

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Inclusive management & leadership training

Inclusion and diversity stimulate wellbeing, performance, growth and innovation. Barriers to inclusive and diverse working practices can be invisible, because they have become ingrained and perhaps unquestioned, within organisations. TCM training provides a range of options:

  • Team training – Tailored to help teams to create inclusive cultures, teams review how their own work culture may impact their own and other’s inclusion and opportunities to achieve their potential. Team members will develop awareness to recognise how their own bias and perceptions may impact their actions and decision. Through scenarios and case studies, the team learn to recognise the barriers to inclusion and how these can impact people in different ways. Individuals understand how they can contribute to creating a truly inclusive team climate and organisation culture.
  • Management training – A manager’s responsibility is to role model and champion values. It’s essential to ensure that they are equipped and confident to do this. A manager’s capability to address all aspects of discrimination starts with a strong awareness of how perceptions can affect people’s capability to perform. TCM training works with managers to create action and urgency to remove obstacles to wellness, inclusion and diversity in their teams. They will learn practical approaches to addressing discriminatory aspects of culture and processes that limit wellness, inclusion and diversity.
  • Individual coaching – Sometimes the solution to developing an inclusive and diverse culture starts with the leader’s own capability to understand and detect the barriers to diversity. They must understand the most impactful and enduring approaches to removing these and actioning change. TCM coaches are experts in developing awareness and enabling leaders to become champions of wellness, diversity, and inclusion.

Review & design of inclusion policies

Our expert team of consultants can also perform a review of your existing policy documentation, to assess the role they play in promoting wellbeing, engagement and inclusion within your organisation. Our offering within this area includes:

  • Equality and diversity audits
  • Equality impact review
  • Equality indices benchmarking

Consultancy for inclusive cultures

For organisations seeking to review and further develop their existing approaches to wellbeing, engagement and inclusion, our consultancy services are an excellent place to start. We apply an action-based research model to inform our work, which can be applied across smaller teams, or an entire organisation. As part of our consultancy package, we may recommend:

  • Change management for equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Team facilitation
  • Mediation
  • Neutral evaluations

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