Values-based Leadership

What is values-based leadership?

At TCM, we define values-based leadership as a situation when leaders live and breathe the organisation’s core values. They use the core values as a road map or a blueprint in the way that they create their teams; develop and communicate their vision; design objectives, hire and fire staff; manage and reward performance; handle conflicts and complaints; and manage change. The values define the way that the leader Acts, Interacts, and Reacts (AIR). Values based leadership creates the AIR, or the atmosphere of the workplace. This atmosphere, in time, becomes ingrained in the culture of the organisation. The leader defines the culture of organisation now and in the future – the leader is a role model to everyone else across the organisation. They show others across the organisation how to behave. How to act, interact and react. We are in no doubt at TCM that the culture of the organisation starts with its leaders. We are also in no doubt that, as hard as it may be, the culture can change. But that requires commitment and a desire from the leaders of the organisation to change also.

This is real leadership

Values based leadership is not some sort of new age concept or soft and fluffy ideal dreamt up by naive idealists with no idea what it’s like in a real business. Shouting, screaming, stamping feet, telling rather than asking, shutting others down, blaming others when things go wrong and taking the credit when things go well – these are the behaviours of people who don’t understand real business.

Values based leadership is about getting results and driving business success. It is also about getting people on board; empowering them to be the best that they can be; coaching them, nurturing them; helping team members to learn from their mistakes and helping them to identify a better way; celebrating the diversity of your team because you understand that these are real people with real lives in work and out of work; accepting that you don’t know all of the answers; and being willing to switch off and a have a bit of fun, but never at the expense of others.

How can TCM help?

We are passionate about values based leadership at TCM. We would be delighted to work with you to help you explore this for your organisation and to help you develop the business case and design the relevant training, to help you create the kind of leaders your business needs today and tomorrow.

TCM: Management and Leadership


  • We can help you to develop the business case for embedding a values based leadership model.
  • We can deliver presentations to your leaders to explain what values based leadership is and the benefits it delivers, and to answer their questions.
  • We can undertake a review of your leadership and management practices and provide feedback and recommendations for action.
  • We can help you to create a leadership competency and behavioural framework (see the next page).
  • We can design and deliver Values Based Leadership training and roll it out across your leadership population.

Please contact us on 0800 294 9787 for more details or please complete a short online enquiry form and we will call you straight back.

TCM: Leadership and Management


Ready to talk? We can help

If you'd like to find out more about values based leadership or you'd like to have a no obligation conversation about how TCM could support your organisation to embed this approach, please contact us now.

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