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The Importance of Kindness in Leadership by Claire Gearon

Last Friday marked World Kindness Day, this week is International Leadership week. Many may not have known the two were directly linked, but our experts in leadership and management development at The TCM Group believe kindness to be a fundamental leadership capacity. Especially during the particularly challenging circumstances the present...

How to dampen the conflict tinder box in lockdown by David Liddle Team spirit is under strain as winter comes on amid a new lockdown. Employers need to implement new strategies to limit the risks of growing volatility, writes David Liddle, because the old tried and tested ones just won’t do anymore. Virtual working is once again becoming the norm, as...

Helping leaders create values-led cultures by Claire Gearon

I’m sure you have visited countless offices where organisational values are hung on the wall, displayed proudly for all employees to see. This may be the case in your own company. Yet how many times have you or your colleagues raised an eyebrow at what feels like an empty list...

How To Use Mediation To Resolve Conflicts by David Liddle Welcome to the 69th episode of my latest podcast #Leadingthecoachingchange. You may know that 2 weeks ago I qualified civil, commercial and workplace mediator. It makes sense to start talking more about the power of meditation in my podcast. So for this week’s podcast, I invited David Liddle as...

Creating functional, resilient and high performing teams by Claire Gearon

It’s a very soggy day in most of the UK today and the rain has been coming down hard all through the early hours of the morning. I feel extremely fortunate to be warm and sheltered indoors, where the conditions are right to finish the working week in safety and...

Redefining Resolution in the NHS by Matt Giblin

Surely now isn’t the time for NHS Leaders to be considering a radical overhaul to longstanding policies and procedures? The current pandemic poses the most challenging time that our NHS workers will have ever faced, I think we all realise that. The pressure upon healthcare leaders is of course, paramount...

The Biggest Leadership Challenge by Claire Gearon

Are your leaders fit and ready for the biggest leadership challenge of their careers? Now is a key moment, when many leaders are facing the biggest leadership challenge of their careers. Many middle managers and team leaders won’t have experienced the challenges of leading through the most recent economic crises...

How Investigations and Jazz are linked by Gary Rogers

As an avid Jazz fan, I have always found it interesting how Jazz and the seedy portrayal of investigators are linked. From those early Black & White films portraying seedy Private Detectives like Mike Hammer, silhouetted lighting a cigarette, to the down-trodden British 1970's 'Enquiry Agents' in a grubby Stone...

Time on my hands by Gary Rogers

Like most people around the world, I have found that the current circumstances have given me a lot more time to do some of the things that I usually do not have time to do, for me that means having time to listen to my jazz collection. As I spent...

When work and home collide by Erika Lucas

How to stop work stress tipping over into family conflict. Thanks to the Coronavirus, work is intruding on our home lives like never before. Unprecedented numbers of us are now working remotely, isolated from the support of our colleagues and trying to get to grips with new working practices and unfamiliar...

A brave new world by Gary Rogers

As all organisations begin to adapt to a more diverse workforce, Gary Rogers our Head of Investigation & Audit Services took time to reflect on how technology is playing its part and what the future holds for conducting investigations. Please click here to download. About the author Gary Rogers is...

A guide for remote interviewing in workplace investigations by Gary Rogers

Some thoughts from Gary Rogers our Head of Investigation & Audit Services at The TCM Group on conducting remote interviews. Please click here to download. About the author Gary Rogers is the Head of Investigation & Audit Services at The TCM Group (Train. Consult. Mediate.). Read his blog on technology and...

Investigation Revolution by Gary Rogers

If there is a positive for organisations from recent events, it is that it has brought out the innovators and inventors in a pool of talented people across the world. Adapting to new ways of carrying out business as usual, a wide reaching appreciation and embracing of flexible and remote...

The times they are a changing! by Gary Rogers

Bob Dylan certainly expressed his views on how times were changing back in the mid 1960's and this is certainly true in today's landscape. Let's put aside the unprecedented circumstances affecting the world, the evolution of technology has been at pace and it's often felt that we have not adapted...

What can HR learn from the corona-virus crisis? by David Liddle.

or, why the time has come for a radical rethink of Human Resources. If there is one potential positive that comes out of the current Coronavirus crisis it is this - it presents a much needed opportunity for HR to take stock and to reflect. We are witnessing some powerful...

The 5 common types of team conflict

Date published: 21st February 2020 No team is too good for conflict! Conflict emerging in teams can indicate a healthy, innovative and high-growth culture. Sometimes however, that conflict can spill over into division and dysfunction, knocking a previously high-functioning team off course. It is precisely at these times of complex group...

TCM welcomes Claire Gearon

TCM is delighted to welcome Claire Gearon, who joins the team this week as Head of Programmes and Managing Director. In this new role, Claire will focus on helping to develop leadership and culture change programmes for our clients, as well as providing day-to-day leadership for our rapidly growing business....

Values Based Leadership by Claire Gearon

Date published: 27th March 2020 How are values the secret to high engagement and superior performance? Values can be powerful enablers of high performance in teams, enabling them to work in flow with extraordinary results. By aligning values with their vision, their strategy and their behaviours, leaders create a sense...

TCM goes online to help companies keep on top of conflict

Date published: 31st March 2020 In times of uncertainty and anxiety, it is more important than ever to look out for the signs of conflict arising between work colleagues.  All the usual rules of work have been thrown out of the window.  Increasing numbers of people are working from home,...

How to stop flexible working causing team tension

Author: Erika Lucas Date published: October 2019 There’s no doubt that flexible working plays an important role in organisational success. There’s a whole body of research to show the positive impact it can have on performance, productivity, talent retention and employee engagement and well-being. Managed poorly, however, it can become...

Conflict management – a key relational skill for the future

What are the key skills managers will need in their toolkit as they enter the future world of work? A recent study from Hult Ashridge puts relational skills, such as influencing, communication and negotiation, top of the list. Researchers suggest, however, that these skills need to be developed much earlier...

Don’t let toxic behaviour take hold in your team

A recent article in Harvard Business Review highlights the issue of the ‘toxic’ employee. I’m sure everyone reading this has come across this kind of colleague at some point in their career.  The individual who thrives on gossip and rumour, shouts down ideas, is unnecessarily obstructive and generally has nothing...

Getting an investigation right first time.

Getting investigation's right first time. It is important that your investigation is right first time to withstand any potential disciplinary, appeal or employment tribunal scrutiny.  Fair, subjective, impartial and thorough are all common phrases used when describing a good investigation. But, when the investigation is not done thoroughly, fairly, and...

How to conduct a workplace investigation..

What rules should you follow when conducting a workplace investigation? To understand how to get an investigation right first time first we need to acknowledge the common pitfalls that are often made when conducting a workplace investigation. Using poorly trained internal investigators (or worse – untrained investigators), who have other...

Customer First’s 2019 assessment of The TCM Group.

Customer First's 2019 assessment of The TCM Group finds them to be: “A very professional organisation that embraces continuous improvement and puts values at the heart of its business”. Putting the customer first has always been out mantra here at The TCM Group since our inception in 2001. We have...

When workplace banter goes to a step too far …..

“How do I best deal with office banter when it makes me feel uncomfortable?” This is the question posed by a reader in the ‘work dilemmas’ section of this weekend’s Sunday Times Style magazine. Journalist Carrie Gracie (who famously resigned as BBC News’ China Editor last year in a row...

Save time money and stress, by training your managers to resolve conflict the TCM way.

There’s a huge contradiction at the heart of most workplaces. It attacks productivity, saps morale and leaves everyone

National Mediation Awards 2018

The TCM Group announce the launch of their ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ campaign

Leading resolution organisation launches ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ campaign

The TCM Group announce the launch of their ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ campaign

New report calls for use of restorative justice to tackle sexual harassment

Formal approaches that are centred around blame and retribution are not the answer

5 reasons your business needs Leadiators

There’s a huge contradiction at the heart of most workplaces. It attacks productivity, saps morale and leaves everyone

Don’t be scared by workplace conflict this Halloween

It’s that time of year when we carve scary pumpkins, don spooky fancy dress and generally celebrate the creepier things in life.

Three part guide to dispute resolution

I bet you’re thinking, isn’t it both: a threat and an opportunity? Of course, you would be right.

What can rugby teach us about managing conflict?

When the times get tough, the team keeps going. It has been noted that Rugby Union is a “game for hooligans, played by gentleman”.

How can a deal be reached in the London Underground dispute?

It is a very public dispute that has already affected millions of people, and the London Underground network could well be halted by further strikes

TCM shortlisted for key HR award

The TCM Group is one of six finalists in the “Consultancy of the Year” category, which recognises the achievements of Human Resources for consultants and consultancies.

Why a happy workplace gives everyone something to smile about

When work is working, we feel valued, engaged, nurtured and supported – it’s a wonderful feeling and it gives meaning to our lives – we feel happy.

The three types of workplace investigators

As a senior detective and police manager, I spent a disproportionate amount of time dealing with staff grievances, public complaints and misconduct enquiries.

The TCM Story

Standing in an inner-city estate in Leicester, David Liddle takes a deep breath. It’s 1995, and the young mediator has been using his skills to help solve community issues

Whistle Blowing

Making a disclosure in the public interest, or ‘whistle blowing’ as it’s more commonly known, has been making prominent media headlines again.

Top 3: Mistakes made by managers

Don’t: avoid difficult conversations. At some stage every business has to make tough decisions that may not be popular with everyone.

Bullying in the Workplace

Perceived wisdom has it that the only way to stop bullies is to stand up to them….but I tried it and it didn’t work….so if you’ve been the victim of bullying read on.

National Mediation Awards 2015

The Professional Mediation Association held their Annual General Meeting and National Mediation Awards last week at Browns Courtrooms