TCM Community


TCM Community is a unique association that connects people who share our passion for compassionate, collaborative and creative problem solving, leadership and employee relations.

At TCM, we absolutely love sharing best practice across all aspects of conflict management, employee relations, leadership, mediation and change management. TCM Community is our way of keeping people in touch with us and with each other.
In a nutshell, TCM Community:

  • Connects people and organisations with each other.
  • Provides a space for our course delegates and customers to learn from each other; to share stories; and to celebrate the benefits of a person-centred and values based organisational culture..
  • Underpins the partnership between TCM and its customers through an alumni association.
  • Amplifies our voice in terms of promoting the profile of compassionate and collaborative problem solving techniques such as mediation, facilitation and restorative justice.

What To Expect From TCM

Below are just some of the benefits that TCM Community delivers:

o World class follow up and after care for all customers and delegates.
o A unique online zone for our delegates to access toolkits and resources.
o A professional network for TCM Accredited Mediators.
o Access to high impact continuing Professional Development (CPD).
o Free advice from TCM’s expert consultants.
o Free or discounted access to a wide range of workshops, webinars, and conferences.
o A network for organisations who have an Internal Mediation Scheme.
o Direct access to TCM’s customer care co-ordinator and consultants via the National Mediation Helpline 0800 294 9787

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TCM Accredited

The new standard for workplace mediation accreditation.

Once a delegate has completed the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation (NCWM) and passed the OCN accreditation, we will award them the ‘TCM Accredited Mediator’ status. This means that they can describe themselves as a ‘TCM Accredited Mediator’ on their online profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) and in their marketing. It replaces the PMA accredited mediator. Delegates will receive their TCM certificates once they have passed with OCN.

We have also developed a one-day accreditation workshop for previous delegates to become accredited. Contact us for more details.

To continue your accredited status, delegates must attend at least two CPD events per year. Accreditation will last for 3 years which will be displayed on the certificate. At the end of the 3 years delegates must attend the one-day workshop to secure a further three years certification.

TCM Accredited Mediator’s must also subscribe to the TCM Mediator Practice Standards.

Professional Development

TCM Community offers a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) events, workshops and webinars for our delegates and customers. The CPD programme is run through the TCM Academy in London. Alternatively, we are able to come onsite to design and deliver CPD events which are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Below are a sample of CPD events and workshops:

Refresh, Review, Reassure (RRR).
This event is provided free of charge for every delegate, 3-6 months after each course concludes.
Mediation Mock Up
A real time mock up mediation to an advanced level.
Mediation & Mental Health.
One of our most popular workshops.
Please click here to view more TCM Community workshops and events.