TCM+ Subscription

TCM+ Subscription

TCM+ offers a faster, cheaper and more effective way to resolve complex business challenges, disputes or conflicts. Implementing TCM+ can reduce an organisations exposure and risk to litigation, tribunal or a formal dispute processes as well as create a business environment where your people know that issues and challenges are resolved quickly and effectively and in a way that preserves those all important business relationships.

There are three levels of TCM+ subscription

  • Introductory (suits micro businesses and SME’s with fewer than 250 employees)
  • Intermediate (suits organisations with 250-3000 employees)
  • Advanced (suits organisations with more than 3000 employees)


TCM+ will help to resolve business disputes, conflicts or challenges in a fast, discrete and cost-effective manner with minimal impact to businesses of all sizes.

As a TCM+ subscriber, your organisation will have priority access to TCM services as well as access to a unique helpline to provide practical dispute resolution advice and support from expert mediators and mentors. You will receive regular updates and briefings covering all aspects of dispute resolution. As well as access to a network of lawyers who can support you with almost any aspect of your legal requirements, from employment law advice or contract law advice, through to complex commercial disputes.

As a subscriber, you will have access to world leading training courses from the TCM Group (see our available courses by clicking here).


You will also have access to the following:

tcm+ subscription

TCM+ is suitable for all sized organisations. If you would like more information please view the TCM+ brochure or click here to contact us