Identify the root cause of a challenge in a work or project team.
Team healthchecks, neutral evaluations and bullying audits,

Supporting managers, HR, and People & Culture professionals to get to the bottom of workplace issues.

In situations where an organisation becomes aware of conflicts or unresolved issues, but is unsure where to start, our unique portfolio of evaluations, reviews and audits are the ideal first step.

Since our formation, The TCM Group has been one of the world leaders in promoting resolution as the route to a happier, more harmonious and healthier workplace. When organisations face a barrage of allegations, complaints and general unrest, there is generally a root cause at the source.

Our unique and innovative Team Climate Healthcheck™, neutral evaluation and bullying and harassment audit services help our customers to gain a detailed and objective understanding of the root cause of numerous workplace challenge. The process is future focussed and strengths based and it helps organisations to achieve a positive shift in behaviours, working relationships and team climate. The process serves to help build a better workplace, without the damaging consequences of a formal investigation.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced evaluators use a range of normative (baseline), quantitative (empirical) and qualitative (people) data methods to understand the issues and to propose a range of workable solutions. They conduct  confidential and impartial interviews and focus groups couples with a team clime survey. They create a psychologically safe environment so your employees can speak freely about the issues and their impact. They will then draw the data together and analyse the common themes, trends and patterns.

You will  receive a detailed report highlighting the common themes alongside  robust and achievable recommendations to help improve the team climate and drive necessary changes to behaviours, relationships and performance.

Having identified a need to review our people processes and team climates, TCM facilitated a diagnostic, a mapping exercise and stakeholder workshops. Through their wide-ranging HR experience from across all types of organisations, we were able to identify a clear, concise and consistent HR process across our global teams. So impressed, we have since commissioned TCM on a number of projects involving investigation handling, neutral evaluation exercises and support for our more formal hearings.

Georgia Volpe, Gender, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

How we do it

The audit process will commence with a detailed scoping meeting, to agree on the objectives, terms of reference and timescales associated with the process. We’ll gather all relevant background information, based on existing documentation and information obtained through interviews.

During the process, we will collect a wide range of information about the parties, your organisation, the systems, cultures and other factors which may have contributed to the situation.

We will then conduct a root cause analysis by:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Collating and analysing the data
  • Identifying the source of the problem
  • Providing effective solutions, segmented into the key factors including Human, Management, Technology, Process/procedure, Material and Environment.

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These processes don’t seek to punish or to blame; we seek to identify possible remedies and solutions.

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