Bullying & Harassment Reviews

Unravel the root cause of bullying behaviours and harassment issues

Our high-quality data and evidence-backed approaches allow organisations to understand the nature and impact of these complex and damaging issues; to inform remedial action.

Bullying and harassment can take many forms. Impacts can include stress, anxiety, reduced productivity, sickness absence, and reduced collaboration amongst teams. The behaviour does not just affect the person at the receiving end, it can also negatively impact the perpetrator themselves, and those who witness the behaviour.

For that reason, a traditional investigation isn’t always the best first step to take. Our bullying and harassment reviews offer an alternative approach, gaining input from all available parties who are exposed to the behaviour. This can help to unravel possible root causes, and involvement from other individuals; which may not have been initially clear.

How the bullying & harassment review process works

In order to develop potential remedies for these complex issues, it is most beneficial to have access to high-quality data and evidence. Our expert resolution consultants utilise a rigorous review process to identify what is happening and why. However, thanks to our background in mediation, we also draw out positive practices, which can be a baseline to build upon.

A typical bullying & harassment review comprises 5 key stages:

Stage 1
Data analysis
  • During this stage, we gather and assess existing data relating to the incidence of bullying and harassment.
  • Relevant information may include absence records, attrition rates, employee engagement scores, staff satisfaction, whistleblowing incidents, complaints, grievance and disciplinary issues, employment tribunal outcomes, plus the use of settlement agreements, and NDA’s.
Stage 2
Impact assessment interviews
  • During this stage, we conduct individual interviews with staff members who have raised allegations in relation to bullying and harassment.
  • We also speak with those who have been subject to such complaints, to get a well-rounded picture of the situation.
Stage 4
Legal assessment
  • We will undertake a thorough review of your current HR policies around bullying and harassment
  • This will determine whether your organisation is operating; firstly within the law, and secondly in a manner which prevents harmful behaviours from arising.
Stage 5
Moral assessment
  • Building upon the data gathered in the previous stages, we’ll assess whether your organisation is acting morally and ethically in the way that it has handled past issues of bullying and harassment.
Stage 6
Workforce assessment
  • Finally, we’ll conduct an organisation-wide survey to gain input from as many individuals as possible.
  • We’ll also arrange focus groups with the most relevant stakeholders to gain a more detailed assessment.
  • After this final stage is complete, we’ll produce a final report, including a detailed analysis of the data and evidence plus clear recommendations for a way forward.

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