Conflict Audits

Gain a thorough understanding of the causes, costs and human impacts of conflict within your organisation

The TCM conflict audit (also known as a Resolution Review™) is used to evaluate the impact of the current approaches to resolution within your organisation. It can also be used to assess the success of a transformational change such as a Resolution Framework™, or an internal mediation scheme.

Organisations are rightly taking issues of conflict more seriously than ever. High profile examples of leadership failures, corrosive workplace culture and damaging management behaviours have created untold harm and misery for many people. The media play a vital role in raising awareness of the consequences of the issues; however, despite such exposure, the underlying issues often continue to prevail in the background.

General responses from many organisations are too reactive and superficial, with no real effort being made to tackle these issues at the core. Our conflict audits have been designed to do exactly this. They allow for a comprehensive understanding of what is currently working well, and what isn’t. This allows for an informed response when determining the best improvements to invest in.

What are the benefits?

Our customers commonly report the following benefits, after completing a TCM Conflict Audit, or Resolution Review:

The data used can support with the integration of an organisational-wide conflict management system, or internal mediation scheme.
The process helps to identify underlying strengths as well as hotspots, bottlenecks, pinch points, blocks, barriers and obstacles.
It allows for an evidence based approach to be developed in support of a strategic response to conflict in your organisation
You'll engage a variety of key stakeholders and give them a voice in the design of your conflict management systems and processes.
You'll be able to allocate your resources where they're needed most, and have a baseline against which to assess future investment.

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