Lisajay Baker


What people say

“You are a star, I’d nominate you for being theeee best at EA!”
Nazneen Malik, Director of ODR&D (Open Dialogue, Resolution & Development)
“Lisajay is an absolute pleasure to work with. Lisajay is professional, organised and always makes sure I receive the correct information for my courses.”
Rebecca Eastwood, Learning Technologist at Ingeus
“Lisajay is brilliant to work with, both fun and efficient. Nothing ever seems too much trouble and she always seems to have the information I need.”
Carly King, Property Manager at The Business Design Centre
My name is Rosie Richards and I work as an Account Manager at EY Lane 4. I have been working over the last 6 months on a project for the Home Office. During this time I have worked closely with Lisajay and I must feedback that her support and adaptability has been key to the success of the project. Lisajay has shown her agility by working with me on trainers’ availability in sometimes very challenging timeframes. Lisajay is always quick to respond and I have not once had to chase a response. This is so important in the fast-paced environment we work in. Lisajay has coordinated her trainer fantastically and acted as a single point of contact for me which has been appreciated. Lisajay has demonstrated great awareness of professional boundaries and when attending client meetings has directed sensitive commercial questions back to me. Lisajay has gone the extra mile in attending client feedback sessions and really making the client feel at ease and heard. Lisajay is committed, hardworking, and dedicated. Lisajay has the ability to put everyone at ease and build relationships quickly. She is a shining star!
Rosie Richards, Account Manager at EY

About Lisajay Baker

Under Lisajay’s compassionate, genuine care, profits soar and people blossom. Day to night, she’s on hand to take you under her wing and guide you to brilliance.

Working as part of the TCM senior leadership team, Lisajay oversees our business operations and acts as a chief of staff to CEO, David Liddle. Lisajay’s approach to management melds business and unbreakable bonds.

Lisajay is a seasoned administrator, executive assistant and leader. She is highly motivated and technically proficient, demonstrating twenty years of experience working within and managing the administration of organisations of various sizes. She is genuinely flexible, adaptable, resourceful and self-disciplined individual, adept at leading and working as part of a team. She is meticulous with an acute eye for detail. She always strives to bring 100% to the work that she does and her goal as the Director of Business Operations at TCM is to build strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients as well as striving to ensure that our business is a success.

Lisajay enjoys travelling, listening to music, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

At a Glance

  • Member of SLT, overseeing day-to-day business operations
  • Support business strategic objectives
  • Consultancy excellence/quality assurance
  • Human Resources (people and culture)
  • IT infrastructure
  • Contracts management
  • Managing the business support team and TCM’s training and events co-ordinator