Rebecca Budge

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“Rebecca has worked on building and growing our business throughout her time with us and always maintained a professional manner especially when dealing with difficult sets of circumstances working with foreign trade bodies. Rebecca’s attention to detail is a credit to how serious she takes her work and will work on something until she gets the result she wants. Rebecca’s personal qualities are being highly motivated and extremely professional.”
Jamie McMillan, Managing Director, Loch Fyne Seafarms

About Rebecca Budge

Justice is an underlying theme that runs through Rebecca Budge’s life and work. Rebecca’s mediation journey follows a natural flow and narrative, interweaving principles of fairness and integrity throughout her education and employment. Her path was first carved by her understanding and credentials in law, which ultimately shares the same ethical framework and culture as mediation. What shines through, tying her uniqueness to TCM values, is her personal nature: positivity, calm, and benevolence. Somehow, she still steals moments to read a novel or two in her spare time. This only leaves one question unanswered: how, exactly, does she do it all?

Rebecca, with 15+ years of senior management experience varying across diverse sectors from luxury retail and export to digital and energy infrastructure, combines this experience and her legal background to offer a very broad and well-rounded perspective to clients.

Her ability to understand and effectively communicate complex matters to all levels of stakeholders has aided in developing strong client relationships.

Working across international locations with start-ups and global organisations has required a consistency in approach with key objectives being professionalism and a proactive manner.

With an academic background and training in law, Rebecca has an LLB, LLM and was called to the Bar November 2022 as a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.  A member of ADR OCR International where she trained in Civil and Commercial Mediation, CMC accredited, her style is relaxed and welcoming, attributing an atmosphere of calmness and positivity to her work.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys time with her busy and young family and reading historical fiction.

At a Glance

  • Workplace Mediation