The Lake District, subject of paintings, poems, and prose, is renowned for its harmonious mirroring of lakes and mountains. Human innovation and nature coexist in synchronicity, with gardens and grand houses meticulously placed to enhance the natural landscape’s beauty. Thoralf Kretzchmar cultivated and protected this delicate balance as Park Manager at Lake District Estates, maximising people’s enjoyment of the park. A line can be drawn between this people-first duality, and TCM’s vision of marrying people and workplace in a congruous culture. We can see, then, that both Thoralf and TCM mirror a person-centred focus with organisational success to accelerate growth and development in perfect harmony.

Originally from Germany, Thoralf lived and worked 16 years in London before moving to the Lake District in 2019. His background is luxury hotel management, with his most recent position as Hotel Manager where he managed 110 employees in a top 50 TripAdvisor establishment in central London. During his time in hotels, he influenced organisational change in terms of culture, elevation of service levels and strategically planning long term initiatives to excel in a very competitive marketplace, with people being at the centre.

During his time in London, Thoralf carried out multiple workplace assessments of competitors to identify areas of high and low performance and implement strategies in his own workplace to accelerate organisational learning and development.

He has experience in carrying out thorough investigations and conducting both disciplinaries and appeals covering a wide spectrum of cases including harassment, defamation of character, theft as well as performance and conduct related matters.

Thoralf is an accredited Workplace Investigator and is currently studying for his CIPD Diploma.

In his spare time, he enjoys kayaking in the beautiful Lake District, building furniture and being a climbing frame to his 3-year-old daughter.

What people say:

“I have worked with Thoralf on different projects, and he has always delivered excellent results. Very accurate and structured in the work he does. I found his updates on progress timely and appropriate giving me a full picture of how he is progressing. His ability to show empathy while carrying out complex investigations has put individuals involved in the process at ease.”

Florian Broemel, General Manager K-West Hotel & Spa 

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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM


Training delivery and design

Thoralf specialises in:

Grievance, Disciplinary, and Appeal hearings

Workplace investigations

Leadership and engagement strategies

Bespoke training design

Qualifications and Awards

Front of House Manager of the Year 2014, as voted by

Scholarship Accelerated Talent Development program at Cranfield University

Accredited TCM Workplace Investigator

Valid DBS check