Conflict Management for Leaders (1 Day)

Supporting leaders in understanding the culture they create and the teams they develop, under the lens of conflict management.


LOCATION:Online, or Classroom-Taught
“I thoroughly enjoyed the training, it was very practical, and I can see it having a very positive impact for me in my role and overall for the business. I will use what I have learnt straight away and as much as possible when managers approach me for advice, problem-solving and by listening and coaching them to solve themselves.”
Jayne Bickerstaff, HR Advisor at Harry Corry – Coaching & Conflict Management


In a volatile and uncertain world, conflict, of any kind is very much inevitable. Disagreements between employees happen all the time; and unfortunately, these are unavoidable. However, their impact can be minimized, based on the culture of the organization. It is our leaders who must set the tone, by knowing how to handle such disputes effectively.

This unique course has been specifically designed to support leaders in understanding the culture they create and the teams they develop, under the lens of conflict management. Delegates will develop an understanding of how their behavior as leaders set the course for how other managers and teams behave themselves.

TCM’s expert trainers offer a unique insight into what conflict is, how it happens, why it happens, and how it can be passed down through organizations. Delegates will develop practical toolkits that they can pass onto their teams to use to ensure for the constructive resolution of conflicts in the workplace.


On attending the course delegates will:

  • Understand the nature of conflict including the cultural, systemic, situational, emotional, relational and psychological factors that can cause or perpetuate conflict at work.
  • Learn the main causes of conflict, and the routes they can take within an organization.
  • Examine how to create a culture that invites an open and collaborative approach to management and abandons the control of people and their ideas.
  • Review their organizational practices and policies, and the impact they may be having on issues of conflict and their resolution.
  • Understand how leaders’ approaches to feedback can lead to conflict.
  • Know how to create opportunities for sharing and open dialog.
  • Develop practical toolkits that can be applied when faced with conflict within their teams.

Key Facts

Suitable for all senior leadership roles such as: CEO’s, Managing Directors and C-Suite Level Executives

$395 per delegate. Contact us via the form at the end of this page, for upcoming open access course dates, or with in-house inquiries for groups of 4 or more.


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