Routes to Resolution (2 Days)


Everything that you need to develop a fully functioning Resolution Unit within your organization.

LOCATION:Online, or Classroom-Taught
“Stephen is a fantastic trainer! His style is both professional and engaging. He is effective in getting the content across and holding your attention. The training went so fast because he keeps you very well engaged and involved throughout.”
Sammy Halil, Claims Adjuster at AIG – Routes to Resolution 2021


Routes to Resolution™ is designed to support the development and implementation of a Resolution Framework. The Resolution Framework replaces traditional discipline and grievance procedures.

Our expert trainers equip delegates with the skills and strategies to identify the most appropriate route to resolution in each case. The options can vary from early resolution meetings, coaching, restorative conversations, mediation, or an investigation.

This unique course supports managers, HR and ER professionals and unions to develop an awareness of options available to people in conflict in organizations, and when different routes are most appropriate. It also helps them to develop the skills required to support individuals involved in complex and challenging workplace issues.


By attending the program, delegates will:

  • Understand how the Resolution Framework works, and be able to explain each of the various routes to resolution now available.
  • Know how to build rapport and trust with the parties.
  • Develop active listening and questioning techniques.
  • Use the TCM Resolution Index to identify the most appropriate route to resolution in each case.
  • Understand how to identify the conflict issue e.g. sickness absence, performance, grievance and the underlying needs of each party in the conflict (including psychological, procedural and substantive).
  • Develop skills to handle strong emotions.
  • Understand the influence of impartiality and neutrality (including unconscious bias).
  • Understand the value of empathy and how to develop and use it.
  • Learn how to manage expectations, overcome objections to mediation and secure a commitment to mediate.

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Suitable for a HR and ER professionals, senior managers, department heads and line managers.

$695 per delegate. Contact us via the form at the end of this page, for upcoming open access course dates, or with in-house inquiries for groups of 4 or more.

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