Mediating Patient Complaints (2 Days)


The essential course for NHS, health and social care complaints handlers, managers, supervisors and HR professionals.

LOCATION:Online, or Classroom-Taught
The NHS and healthcare organisations need to move away from a system of retributive justice to a restorative, fair and just culture. To achieve this, healthcare leaders must not focus on who might be at fault, but on what went wrong, and how they can prevent this from happening in future.


This healthcare complaints resolution course has been designed to assist delegates to secure constructive and meaningful resolutions to patient complaints. It achieves this by providing a compassionate and highly effective model for responding to complaints- the FAIR mediation framework. Upon completion of the program, delegates will have developed powerful skills and competencies for responding to and resolving complaints.

Unfortunately, in such a high pressured and stressful healthcare environment, it is natural that mistakes will be made and disputes develop. Patients may raise complaints for a number of reasons, ranging from clinical errors to long waiting times, poor communication or failure to fund treatment. Traditional complaints systems within the sector are highly retributive (focused on blame.) Here at TCM, we believe that a non-adversarial (restorative) approach offers a more favorable outcome in many cases.

Our extensive experience in workplace mediation inspired us to develop the course. We know that the process is applicable to a wide range of workplace environments, including the handling of complaints raised by patients. During the program, we deliver the essential skills needed to bring complaints to a constructive resolution, with positive outcomes for all involved.


After attending this unique program, delegates will be able to:

  • Be able to divert a wide range of patient complaints away from traditional complaints handling mechanisms.
  • Make the most of mediation to resolve issues and rebuild damaged working relationships
  • Contribute towards the development of a fair and just culture within your healthcare organization


Key Facts

Suitable for all healthcare complaints handlers, managers, supervisors and HR professionals.

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