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10 Mar 2022

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Conflict costs US firms $359bn per annum. (But there is a better way)


US organizations are seeking purpose led, values based and person centred approaches to conflict management and cultural change.

Leading transformational culture consultancy The TCM group expands into the US with the appointment of experienced mediator Merry Brown

As organizations across the US recover from the devastation of COVID-19, struggle with hiring and employee retention amidst the Great Resignation and face the daily prospect of messy litigation, workplace conflict is rife, costing businesses upwards of $359 billion per year.

To help tackle this growing crisis, award-winning transformational culture consultancy The TCM Group has appointed experienced Tennessee-based mediator and culture change catalyst Merry Brown to expand its work into the US.

The US branch of The TCM Group – founded by leading conflict management and culture change expert David Liddle – will assist organizations, large and small, to deal with workplace conflicts justly and swiftly. Ultimately, its mission will be to embed fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high performing organizational cultures into everyday business practices within the US.

About Merry Brown

Merry Brown is a Tennessee Rule 31 Civil Supreme Court mediator and International Ombuds Association member. As well as working as a mediation consultant, she has taught philosophy in St. Louis, Missouri and Martin, Tennessee, for 23 years.

On joining TCM’s US team, Merry Brown commented: “I am thrilled to be working with David Liddle and his team at The TCM Group to expand its crucial work into the US. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to be working with a values-driven organization that shares my belief that the work of mediation and culture change is about real, humanizing dialogue.

“This is the perfect time for TCM to come alongside and partner with people and organizations who are reconsidering the employee experience. As we emerge from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to rethink company values and HR policies. With the promise of change and finding a job that suits their passion, people are looking for healthy work environments that encourage them to grow and be brilliant. This has prompted uncertainty for employers, who are struggling to keep the employees they have and hire top talent.


“Sadly, HR policies surrounding employee gaps in performance or behaviour are currently geared toward protecting the company from lawsuits, which sets up Us (management) vs. Them (employee) dynamics. Instead of generating conflict, these gaps should be seen as opportunities to invest in people, hold real conversations, and evaluate systems.


“Organizations must center themselves around commonly embraced values, viewing people as valuable rather than “human capital.” In this way, employees are not problems to be controlled, rather people with enormous potential to flourish.”


Organizational Culture – your greatest asset or your greatest liability.





David Liddle, Founder and CEO of the TCM Group and author of two bestselling books Managing Conflict and Transformational Culture commented:

“We are delighted that Merry Brown has joined our team, to expand TCM’s crucial work of conflict management and organizational culture change into the US. Culture is the greatest asset or the greatest liability an organization has, yet it is widely misunderstood and routinely ignored. Evidence tells us that a positive corporate culture is a potential source of riches and a place where our people can thrive, and our organizations can succeed. To rise to this challenge, culture must become the number one strategic priority for executive leaders and HR teams across the US.”

David Liddle can be contacted via email [email protected] or via the TCM London office +44 800 294 9787

Merry Brown can be contacted via her email [email protected] or through TCM’s New York office at: +1 212 220 6549

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