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Supporting managers and leaders to develop the confidence, competence and courage to engage their teams for sustained high performance.

We offer a full range of leadership and management training programs, tailored to every step of the career ladder. Each of our management development programs are designed based on the unique needs of your organization, and focused around developing and sustaining a high-performance, values-based and person-centered culture.

Our highly sought-after management development programs enhance individual and organizational capability through world-class training, leadership coaching, consultancy and diagnostics. We offer a structured delivery model, which is proven to help develop leaders’ competencies and confidence, even under times of change, uncertainty and crisis.

We keep the messages simple and accessible. However, you can be assured that each management development program we design and deliver is underpinned by powerful theoretical frameworks such as positive psychology, behavioral science, whole systems thinking, emotional intelligence, transactional analysis and neuro-linguistic programing.

Bee Whitaker Volunteer Lead at Free to Be Kids

‘TCM offered an exceptional piece of training. The day flew by and I came out of it feeling equipped with the tools to have much higher quality conversations in my role going forward.’

Graham Norris Programme Leader at Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning

“A really useful course with many tools, tips and approaches.”

Carolyn Hawley HR Director at British Retail Consortium

“TCM worked with us to develop our purpose, values, behaviours and strategy. TCM’s facilitators brought professionalism, knowledge & fun to the assignment. In workshops, they encouraged a relaxed atmosphere where effective learning and contribution was valued.”

Robert Longley-Cook Chief Executive at HFT

“Had been impressed with a talk from David on achieving the benefits of ‘positive conflict’ so invited him/TCM to facilitate a process to optimise our Executive team-working. Really worked well: the power of professional external facilitation allowed us all to take more risk and confront issues in a more open way. Now have a great framework – both individual and team – for taking the team to an even better level of interaction: critical given the pressures we are facing in our business sector. And it was fun too!”

Forida Khanam Business Support Officer at London Borough of Tower Hamlets

“The Aspiring Managers programme is a great one to help give you the skills and confidence for you to take the next step into management.”

How we do it

All of our management development programs are based around our 5 key enablers for leadership in change and crisis:

  • Vision: Leaders create a clear and compelling vision and proactively reset the organization for the future.
  • Resilience: Leaders remain compassionate and rational in decision making and build team resilience so they can remain engaged, innovative and creative.
  • Clarity: Leaders read the current reality accurately, translate to this and its meaning to their teams and maintain a clear sense of purpose
  • Agility: Leaders take decisions in a timely way reducing bureaucracy but maintaining key stakeholder involvement, to stay active and leading the agenda.
  • Compassion: Leaders use values to challenge and guide decision making, are people focused and balance achievement of tasks with human impact.

Leadership & Management case study compilation

To showcase the portfolio of work that we have delivered for a full variety of clients, we have created this accessible case study compilation. Inside you’ll find a range of testimonials, customer stories and in-depth case studies.

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When leaders attend our programs, they undergo a transformation. They are more aware of their leadership role and responsibilities and feel ready to take those on with confidence.

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