Nick Snaith

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“Nick is a very credible, highly experienced and strategic leader. It’s been a pleasure working with you, learning from you and the wider team.”
Adam Honor, CEO of Rose Partners
“Nick in a short space of time you have your knowledge and experience have aided the development of policing within Libya.”
Simon Butterworth, Director GIAC

About Nick Snaith


Nick is a former UK Law Enforcement officer with 26 years of experience in investigative and intelligence led policing in the UK and overseas. Nick has worked for 3 UK police forces as an investigator and held a senior investigator role with the National Crime Agency. Nick has investigated on a local, regional, and national level offences of serious and complex crime, including human trafficking, modern slavery, cybercrime, drugs and firearms importations and offences of violence such as murder and rape. Nick also spent 4 years as an investigator within the Counter Terrorism network. Nick has led multi agency projects and developed working relationships with law enforcement agencies to prevent and detect serious and organised crime.


Nick has been an accredited trainer for the College of Policing since 2010 delivering covert investigation tactics to UK Police, MOD and DWP. In 2012 he became a training manager seconded to the College of Policing, specialising in train the trainer, covert policing, and course design. He also designed and delivered investigation training on behalf of the college to the Kenyan Law Enforcement agencies. Nick was a specialist course manager for the NCA, training a large cadre of trainers and students throughout the agency. In 2020 Nick left the NCA to pursue a career in the private sector having been headhunted as a senior advisor to an overseas government. He was given a mandate to design and deploy Investigation training to SIO’s and Investigators within various law enforcement and Intelligence agencies in a post conflict North African Country.


Since 2021 Nick has worked within the private sector managing complex workplace investigations that include allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, victimisation, and racial discrimination. He has also written and delivered Investigator training products for the commercial sector.

At a Glance

  • Workplace investigations
  • Workplace mediations