Practical Investigation Skills™

This two-day course is our most popular investigations skills course as it equips delegates with the skills and strategies to set up, run and report on a workplace investigation.

It is suitable for in-house investigators and consultants. The course leaders will assist delegates to understand the scope of an investigation, develop clear terms of reference, interview the parties, gather evidence to support the investigation, prepare a final report and give evidence at relevant panels and appeals as required. This course is suitable for investigators who are investigating a wide range of disciplinary issues plus allegations of bullying harassment and discrimination which, if upheld, may result in a formal warning or dismissal. Delegates who successfully complete this course are able to refer themselves as a TCM Accredited Investigator.

Practical Investigation Skills™ is one of the most well recognised investigation skills short courses available. We pride ourselves on delivering a world class course to delegates. Don’t just take our word for it, please click here to read reviews and accolades from previous delegates.

All delegates receive 12 months follow-up support to help them to embed the learning. This TCM Blended Learning programme incorporates pre and post course learning to support participants’ development of knowledge and skills. Participants can develop peer networks through interaction before, during and after the programme to share knowledge and resources.

Practical Investigation Skills from The TCM Group

Please click here to download the Practical Investigation Skills course brochure. This brochure includes details of the course structure, the benefits of attending, information about the assessment and accreditation plus valuable information about the support and aftercare available to delegates.

  • Delivery: Classroom based  or online via Zoom
    • TCM Online – a 9 hour course, typically 3 hours per day over 3 days.
    • Classroom based – delivered over 2 full days as an open course at the TCM Academy or delivered in-house.
  • Suitable for: Line managers, supervisors, human resources and employee relations professionals, lawyers, union officials and anyone who may be required to undertake a fact-finding exercise or neutral evaluation into a workplace issue.
  • Cost: £495 + VAT per delegate for open courses.
  • Looking for inhouse delivery? Contact us for our latest prices and availability.

Due to the current restrictions, the following courses are all being delivered online:

  • 15th, 16th & 17th December 2020

By the end of this Practical Investigation Skills course, participants will:

  • Be fully aware of the employer’s responsibilities and the employees’ rights in terms of managing workplace investigations.
  • The legislative and statutory framework of workplace investigations.
  • Understand how to set up and manage a thorough, fair and compassionate workplace investigation including defining the terms of reference.
  • Understand how to create an investigation plan including what information to gather prior to an investigation commencing (scoping): specific details of allegations, chronology, organisational chart, key policies, contact details of parties, potential witnesses etc.
  • Possess the key skills to undertake an investigation: active listening, questioning. interviewing, funnelling, summarising and note-taking.
  • Possess techniques to manage an effective investigation interview, including how to interview relevant witnesses.
  • Understand how to prepare a well-structured investigation report that will withstand internal and external scrutiny.
  • Recognise the importance of probity, impartiality and neutrality.
  • Understand how to gather and assess relevant information: collect statements, background evidence, mitigation, etc., and how to determine relevance.
  • Understand the context of the investigation and how it links to other processes such as mediation or coaching.

TCM trainers are experts at creating a safe, empowering and challenging training environment.

Numerous learning and teaching methods are used during the course and participants develop their knowledge through group discussions, case studies and participation in role-plays. Peer-based evaluation and learning feature heavily throughout the course and this is supported by the course facilitator’s extensive and detailed assessment of learner’s progress.

Delegates are assessed by way of an assessed worksheet. Delegates who pass this course will be awarded the highly coveted TCM Accredited Investigator status.

TCM delivers extensive support for delegates on all of our courses before, during and after the course concludes.

  • Training delivered by a world class trainer who has practical experience of the subject being taught.
  • The unique online TCM Delegate Zone™ which includes useful tool-kits, check sheets, videos, papers and other resources for delegates.
  • Free copy of the TCM Workplace Investigators Handbook™.
  • One to one coaching for delegates during the course and once the course concludes, as required.
  • Assessment costs and a personal report for each learner.
  • Full access to the amazing resources of the TCM Community for all delegates including lifetime phone and email support.
  • A free refresher workshop or webinar 6 months after the training concludes.

Would you like this course delivered as an in-house course?

TCM specialises in tailoring all of our courses for in-house delivery. We also design and deliver bespoke courses and training programmes for our customers. If you would like to find out more, please call us now on 0800 294 9787 or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll call you straight back.




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