Jerome Witter is a qualified vocational and development training coordinator and mediator. He brings 7+ years of diverse experience with a proven track record of tailoring and delivering professional training courses at varied levels, and well-versed in training procedures, learning methods and educational theory. Jerome has been instrumental incorporating training needs analysis and developing specific learning and course to in public & private Sector organisations and local government authorities.

Each of these packages had to be researched, designed, tested and then delivered to tackle specific client needs or barriers. Due to the successes of these pilots they were subsequently rolled out to all UK operation offices. Most of these programmes are still being successfully delivered even after his departure.

Coupled with a genuine passion to support others and deliver a premium level of customer service and training delivery, Jerome has been repeatedly commended and recognized for ‘Outstanding’ delivery and officially rated as a Grade 1 trainer by Ofsted.

After training as a mediator with the TCM Group and qualifying in the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation, Jerome uses both his personal and professional experience to enlighten, empower and aid people who are caught in destructive conflict. He is passionate about facilitating people who are in conflict, with his primary role to promote and manage a shift in attitude towards a positive outcome and empower them to make new informed choices and decisions and supporting them to find lasting solutions.

Having worked on a number of differing contracts in the Public, Private & Voluntary Sector, Jerome has gained a thorough strategic and operational understanding of successful contract delivery and analysis of business training needs and requirements. This was demonstrated when employed with City Gateway, where he was instrumental in designing and implementing social regeneration workshops with Barclays Bank and Allen & Overy Law Firm. After the successes of these workshops, they were taken on-board by Barclays Bank and incorporated into their internal structure at the Canary Wharf Headquarters.

As a trainer Jerome believes in the positive potential of all learners and in drawing on peoples’ strengths, skills and individualities, and as a sincere lover of personal learning & development he has been an advocate of implementing various teaching techniques into TCM Groups delivery structure and has been widely recognised for his unique delivery style, enthusiasm, professionalism, passion, integrity and humour which is his signature training style!

What people say:

“First to say, from testimonials I really had great expectations for the course National Certificate of Workplace Mediation at TCM Group. Then I met Jerome. Being a trainer myself I’m always curious about styles for facilitation of learning. In Jerome you have all the best. Clear in thought and expression; eloquent and quick-witted with a colourful language – and yet fluent in silence when that is relevant for a process; patience and enduring energy; wonderful dynamics and momentum ”on stage”; a good listener with a humble, hearty and caring attitude; attentive and responsive to needs; a high grade of agility regarding practical issues. Jerome is the master of the moment. This is when the transformational process goes élan.”

Joakim Jareld , Konsult, ägare på Mind Envoy 

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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM

Workplace Mediation

Training Delivery

Developing sector specific resolution solutions.

Public speaking and presentations

Jerome specialises in:

Accredited Mediation

Core and Practical Mediation Skills

Team Mediation and Facilitation

Challenging Conversations

Conflict Management Skills

Leadership and Management Skills

Qualifications and Awards

National Certificate in Workplace Mediation


Professional Mediators Association Accreditation