Investigation & Audit

15 Nov 2023 | Robyn Marsh
The strategic benefits of outsourcing
One strategic approach that has gained significant traction in recent years is the outsourcing of mediation, investigation, and coaching services.
07 Nov 2023 | Robyn Marsh
Unlocking success: the transformative power of skills development and training
Investing in skills development and training in the workplace is an investment in your organisation's long-term success.
02 Nov 2023 | Robyn Marsh
Shaping a vibrant company culture
Want to sculpt a thriving culture? Explore the transformative impact of leadership development, well-crafted people and culture policies, and strategic diagnostics and reviews.
02 Mar 2023 | Malachi McPherson
Top Tips for Complex & Serious Workplace Investigations
Investigations into serious workplace incidents such as sexual harassment can be difficult to undertake. This article shares tips to help support with the process and ensure an accurate outcome.
25 Nov 2022 | Malachi McPherson
How To Choose the Correct Workplace Investigation Solution
Conducting a workplace investigation can be difficult and stressful, explore how to choose the best solution for your organisation's needs.
10 Nov 2022 | Malachi McPherson
Best-practice in workplace investigations
Learn tips and techniques to help you get workplace investigations right the first time
14 Jul 2022 | Robyn Marsh
Top Tips for Investigations with Andi Hargreaves
24 Feb 2022 | Harriette Wolff
Introducing the Investigation Company by Harriette Wolff, Chloe Pye and Andi Hargreaves
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How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation by Gary Rogers
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Keeping Parties Calm During Investigations by Davinder Sandhu
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The Importance of Cognitive Interviewing by Dominic Human
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Complex Case Management by Patricia Grealish
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A Summary of our Investigation & Audit Services Annual Conference by Robyn Marsh
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Bullying- Have we moved any further forward? by Gary Rogers