Redefining Resolution
The impact of the Resolution Framework over the last 10 years

In 2013, our CEO David Liddle stood in front of the masses at The Law Society and launched what would become our ground-breaking Resolution Framework™. It offers an alternative to the traditional grievance policy whilst the The Resolution Framework™ offers a fully integrated approach for handling grievance and discipline issues.

Since its inception now ten years ago, we’ve made waves in the public, private and third sectors, helping people to resolve conflict constructively and compassionately. In celebration of this monumental anniversary, we’ve asked our customers what restorative resolution has done for their people and processes.


We wanted to flip the traditional procedural mechanisms on their head. We wanted to create policies that empowered, invited and encouraged people to display the behaviours that we wanted within our organisation.

Angela Gibson, Head of Employee Relations at TSB Bank

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Ian Siara, mediation lead at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has said of their success: “the benefits of supporting individuals to find their own way forward are clear.”

Having now trained over 40 people to utilise valuable skills of mediation and facilitation, this mediation service has become an integral part of the Trust’s wider culture and leadership programme.


Resolving issues has simplified from a month-long process, typically involving up to six people, to a half an hour phone call. The Resolution Framework allows people to discuss the issue, focus on the essential elements of the disagreement and find a quick and workable outcome. It’s just good business sense.

Anthony Fitzpatrick, Head of Colleague Experience and Employment Policy at Aviva

Burberry's journey to resolution

Our partnership began back in 2021, when Claire’s team started to cultivate a shift towards a person-centred, values-based organisational culture.

This conversation sparked Burberry to embed a global Resolution Framework that promotes a dialogue-driven, non-adversarial means of resolving conflict, complaints and concerns.

For our Director of Investigation & Resolution Services Harriette, “from the start of the partnership with them, Claire and John were so forthcoming with ideas, passion and just a hunger to really make a change for their teams and colleagues.

They were always open to my ideas as well, really transparent with expectations and it was a real partnership.

Claire recognises how the power of dialogue can make a difference to the people she works with, and this comes across in our working relationship, but also the human-centric approaches they applied into their policy work and colleague development.”

A huge congratulations (and thank you) to Burberry for partnering with us on this journey to resolution.

A lot of policies forget that there’s a person at the end of each process. Treating people with respect is second nature to us as a team, and our procedures needed to reflect that. Having somebody there like TCM that’s leading the way, making those steps for us to bring ideas to life has been the key to organisational success.

Jonathan Sturgeon, People Partner, People and Culture at North East Lincolnshire Council

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