Chloe Pye


About Chloe Pye

Chloe joined TCM in 2021, inspired to combine her passion for occupational Psychology with her client-focused experience. She thrives as part of a fast-paced, driven, and progressive team, with the client experience always at the heart of what she does.

Here at TCM, Chloe operates our Investigation and Audit Services, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. As Coordinator for this cohort, she is the first point of contact for clients, liaising every step of the way to ensure that fast and exceptional service is always delivered. She manages all proposals, ensuring that support is given throughout the entire lifecycle of each investigation. Chloe is also on hand to provide administrative support to the Head of Investigations, Harriette. She works closely with our clients and takes pride in her track-record of forming long-lasting relationships, simultaneously providing dependable business support.

Chloe has a degree in Psychology and loves to expand and apply her knowledge to the real world. She has a keen interest in what we do and is eager to learn both at work from her colleagues, and in her personal life. In her spare-time, she improves her Spanish by language-exchange, plays musical instruments and frequents coffee shops with friends.

At a Glance

  • Management of the lifecycle of TCM’s full suite of investigation and audit services.
  • Providing the first point of contact for clients, and coordinating communications with our world-class investigation team.
  • Liaison and main point of contact for the delivery of TCM’s range of investigation training courses.