Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Customer stories speak for themselves. Since 2001, TCM has secured an unrivaled client list and a leading market position. Our extensive expertise, our commitment to quality and our innovative yet relaxed approach sets us apart from the crowd. Our clients love us – this is evident in our testimonials page (and we are extremely grateful that they are never afraid to tell others too)! We take our market position seriously and we are constantly seeking new ways to support and inspire our customers.



Imperial London Hotels has been able to overturn a culture of conflict and drastically reduce the number of grievances raised in the business, thanks to the introduction of an alternative approach to resolution.

The new approach to managing conflict has also been the catalyst for a shift towards a culture where dialogue and collaboration are at the heart of all the company’s core processes, from customer service to people management.

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Innogy SE


HR Team Manager, Susan Wilkins and HR Manager, Cara Meakins want to drive down the number of grumbles and grievances and set up a robust framework to process cases for mediation. The vision is to leave behind the formal approach and create an environment where employees feel they can ask difficult questions and feel supported and safe.

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Royal Historical Palaces



Val Ward is Learning and Development Manager at Historic Royal Palaces and qualified as a workplace mediator with TCM. She says that the new system has been well received: “We have seen some good, positive agreements and action plans come out of mediation which have resulted in really good longer-term outcomes..

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Arcadia Group



TCM helped develop an in-house mediation system that was piloted at Top Shop/Top Man in 2009. Internal mediators were trained and those experiencing difficult work relationships were encouraged to use the system to resolve their problems. The scheme was so successful it was rolled out throughout the group two years later.

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With 140 years in business and 3 million customers, Simplyhealth has amassed an extraordinary wealth of expertise in the health insurance industry. It is an organisation committed to constantly evolving to improve the way it does business. And it applies the same principle to its internal structures.

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The Lancaster Hotel

Lancaster Hotel


When Harriette Wolff first learned about workplace mediation, she instantly thought it would be a good fit for her organisation. As HR Officer at the Lancaster London Hotel, she believed that it could work better than the existing grievance procedure and chimed well with the company’s philosophy:

“Our core value as an organisation is “We always care” but we were finding that our disciplinary procedures didn’t really reflect that. Often the process didn’t really help the relationship of those involved and it was taking up a lot of my time as well as that of our employees and their managers.”

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London Borough of Newham

London Borough Newham mediation

London Borough of Newham

When the London Borough of Newham introduced an internal workplace mediation scheme with the help of TCM in 2012, it was an immediate success. But, interestingly, it became apparent that many people still chose to take a formal route to deal with their issues.  It was clear that people needed more encouragement to consider mediation in the first instance.

With the agreement of the Newham’s leadership team and the unions, a pilot was introduced by oneSource, London Borough of Newham’s shared back office support provider, which had implemented the original scheme. The pilot’s aim was to directed all complaints and grievances to the mediation co-ordinators in the first instance. 

TCM trained and qualified nine mediators and provided support and consultancy services to help set up the original mediation scheme. Over the years the scheme’s mediators took part in many of TCM’s professional development events to refresh their skills, learn new ones and share knowledge and experiences with mediators from other organisations.  Recently, to help with the increasing number of grievances diverted to mediation by the pilot, TCM provided training to help staff triage cases and determine their suitability for mediation.  



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Royal Mail



Royal Mail, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Unite have, for the first time, jointly appointed external mediators to help resolve issues and establish fairness in the workplace at an early stage.

Royal Mail and its trade unions have agreed to appoint an independent mediation partner, The TCM Group, to help deal with workplace issues throughout the company that employs 150,000 workers.

This is the first time that the business and its trade unions have jointly employed an external mediation company to help resolve issues and ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with respect.

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Marks & Spencer



When the Acas code came into effect, we implemented a small scale internal mediation function at M&S. Nine of us qualified as mediators with Acas at first. When we wanted to enlarge the team, we felt using TCM was a lot more cost effective. Also we couldn’t tweak the programme with Acas, it’s just a standard course. 

We spoke to the Arcadia group who had used TCM and were very positive about them. It’s one of those marketplaces where there’s quite a lot of people that provide mediation, so a recommendation is always positive – and getting a recommendation from Arcadia was a very good thing. And at the CIPD conference two years ago the TCM stand stood out – it was upbeat, positive, engaging, I got to chat to the guys there – their enthusiasm for mediation was clear, and to my mind they are in it for the right reasons. They’ve got a lot of experience and a real passion for it.

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dimensions TCM


Dimensions is a nationwide not-for-profit support provider for people with learning disabilities and autism. Having decided to review and harmonise their terms and conditions across its organisation, Dimensions was concerned about the potentially negative impact that this process may have on their otherwise positive industrial and employee relations environment. Given the tough decisions which had to made, Dimensions turned to TCM Group for help.

TCM used its 13 years of experience helping businesses resolve internal issues and handling organisational change to train 175 of Dimensions’ managers. TCM designed and delivered a completely bespoke management development course for each of the 175 managers. The programme included a period of pre-course activity and a one day workshop followed by extensive post course reflection and follow up. The overarching aim of each workshop was to equip Dimensions’ managers with the confidence, the competence and the courage to roll out the organisation’s harmonised terms and conditions to its staff including managing internal consultative procedures.


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In 2008, The TCM Group was invited to develop a pilot mediation scheme within BT Retail. BT Retail has around 18,000 employees and 20 million customers.

TCM delivered accredited mediator training for a team of internal mediators within the ER team in Newcastle.

During the pilot period, mediation was delivered in over 100 grievances and disputes. BT Retail reported a successful resolution in 95% of which in turn delivered a reported saving of in excess of £200,000. An ROI for BT in excess of 1000 per cent.

in 2010, on the back of this overwhelming success, BT invited TCM to roll mediation out across the entire group – covering some 100,000 employees.

The training and implementation is now well underway and BT are embedding mediation within all aspects of their people and HR systems.


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The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is responsible for training and examining paediatricians in the UK and has over 16,000 members worldwide. Its own staff is more moderate though, with 157 people working at its London office. Louise Frayne, the Head of HR and Organisational Development, says that means the need to address conflict is especially pressing:

“As a small organisation, we’ve got to nip relationship problems in the bud.”

The organisation found that its grievance procedures were doing considerably more harm than good, creating a ‘blame culture’ that was often damaging relationships to the point where one of those involved in the dispute would leave the organisation. So the College decided to use mediation, turning to TCM for help. TCM has provided mediators in several difficult conflicts within the RCPCH and provides ongoing support to the organisation.



Parcelforce Van


Parcelforce Worldwide is part of Royal Mail Ltd, a former public sector organisation that has had its fair share of industrial disputes and internal conflict in the past. As Sharon Sherriff, Head of HR for Headquarters, Parcelforce Worldwide, puts it,

“We come from a highly unionised environment and often everything seemed like a battle.”

In recent years, though, there has been an enormous change in industrial relations within both Royal Mail and Parcelforce. At Parcelforce, TCM has been involved in training personnel as the company grew its mediation and conflict resolution framework known as Table of Success. The Table of Success process was established in 2008 and was designed to change the culture by engaging everyone in a mutual interest, success-driven agenda.



The Brandon Trust

Brandon Trust encouraging the elderly


The Brandon Trust is an award-winning charity working throughout the South West of England and London supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

The Trust employs nearly 2,000 staff and has, in the past, used external mediation to resolve some disputes. In 2013 the Trust decided to establish an in-house mediation system with the aim of having a more responsive system which would also be more cost effective.

Julie Plant, Head of Learning and Development at the Trust says that when they met with different companies to select a partner to develop the scheme, TCM stood out:

“We were struck by how much David Liddle and his team understood the way we wanted to develop it. They really got how our business works.”