Success stories, recommendations and endorsements


Below is some of the feedback that we have received from customers who have set up an in-house mediation scheme.

Emily Stuart – Employee Relations Advisor at RSPCA

"The mediation training that was delivered by TCM was enjoyed by all delegates on the course, we all felt that we had learnt a new skill that we could not only use to benefit the organisation but one that we could take away into our personal and professional lives. The trainer Bola was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Would strongly recommend this course."

Jane Fairhurst – Head of Employee & Industrial Relations at Royal Mail

“Royal Mail introduced mediation as part of the Agenda for Growth Agreement (our Industrial Relations Strategy) in partnership with the CWU, the Royal Mail Union. We use mediation to resolve cases of bullying and harassment and industrial relations disputes. TCM have been a critical partner in the development of mediation within Royal Mail and they have been a pleasure to work with at every stage - from the design to the roll out of mediation across the entire company. Mediation has been incredibly effective. In the first two years of using mediation, we had undertaken 329 mediations of which 118 were industrial relations cases and 211 were in bullying and harassment cases. 88% of all cases were resolved through mediation. The cost savings to Royal Mail are measured in terms of tens of millions of pounds. That does not include the less visible benefits of a more collaborative and adult relationship in the workplace and between Royal Mail and its unions partners.”

Andrew Meikle – HR Manager at Northumberland County Council

“A one-day mediation, which hopefully results in a positive outcome, is a lot less time consuming than having to undertake a grievance investigation and everything that goes with it.”

David Corbin – Equality & Diversity Manager at Dorset Healthcare

“After looking at several companies I attended one of TCM’s taster sessions. Following that I booked to attend the full course. The service overall was outstanding, and the professionalism of the trainers was outstanding. I still use the supporting material today as a guide. Since I became trained my Trust has now invested in three further Workplace Mediators and we have just completed an 18-month report on the cases we have had referred. We also meet monthly for a debriefing session to discuss cases. We are in the process of reviewing our Grievance Policy and Mediation is already listed as an early intervention before moving to a full-blown investigation. To be completely honest I have always found my interactions with TCM very positive. I feel that I can approach the team at any time for advice and linking into the Webinars is always a good reminder of why we take the steps to resolve issues at the lowest possible level.”

Danni Hudson – HR Mediation and Investigations Service at DWP

“TCM has been used several times by DWP over the years, we’ve received very positive feedback from our mediators from every course that’s been run. We have a great relationship, TCM has fantastic offers/networking events and I hope we will continue to see more of this. The training that TCM delivered was extremely effective and engaging. Even those trained by TCM from other government departments have had nothing but good things to say. TCM benefited us by giving us the ability for our organisation to offer an outstanding mediation service which is continuing to grow. If was up to me we’d choose TCM every time, but I understand we have internal processes to follow. I look forward to us working together in future, hopefully not just the training of new mediators, but other events too.”

Ben Williams – Senior ER Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways

“We have recently engaged David and his team to train our ER team in workplace mediation. The training delivered was first class – engaging, thought provoking and highly professional. David’s collaborative, future focused and solution focused approach to conflict resolution really resonated with me and my team and aligns neatly with our brand values and people strategy. We are in the process of embedding the new conflict resolution approach in our organisation and look forward to this delivering positive outcomes and to working further with David and his team as we continue our exciting journey to identify better ways to manage conflict.”

Catherine Anderson – Organisational Development Manager at oneSource

“The TCM Group are a great organisation with great people who are passionate about mediation and resolution. We have worked with TCM for over 5 years to deliver a wide range of mediation and conflict management courses and services for the local authorities that we support. We have recommended TCM's mediation, training and consultancy services to many others and they have always been as impressed as we are.”

Gillian Mclean – London Borough of Hillingdon

“We have been working with TCM for just over a year, in order to set up an In-house Mediation Service. I have found them, as a company, to be knowledgeable & helpful and always feel the focus is on achieving business outcomes, rather than the training event itself. TCM trainers have a passion for resolving conflict & their enthusiasm both engages, inspires and energises others.”

Jonathan Goodger – Senior Employee Relations Manager at TSB

"It's very rare to come across someone who is quite so passionate about their area of expertise. David (and the whole TCM team) have been extremely professional, knowledgeable, supportive and not to mention a little patient as we work to implement our mediation scheme in TSB. But that's not the half of it. What is really striking is David's absolute belief and commitment that there is a better, more human, way of resolving conflict that benefits everyone from the impacted people to the wider business - it's completely inspiring and wherever I go in my career from this point, the resolution of conflict is something I will focus on in a way that I never would have in the past. It's been a pleasure to work with David and the TCM team and I hope that opportunity will crop up again in the future. His book is an excellent read as well."

Sarah Buckley – ER & Employment Policy Consultant at Aviva

“Couldn’t fault the service provided by David and the team in helping us set up an internal resolution procedure and mediation team. We had fantastic feedback from all our colleagues who attended training with them.”

Geri Brownrigg – Professional Standards Unit | NCTPHQ

“I would whole heartedly recommend The TCM Group to anyone looking to implement mediation/resolution into their workplace. They are extremely professional, incredibly knowledgeable and very welcoming and relaxed in their approach.”


Below is some of the feedback that we have received following the design and delivery of management and leadership development programmes.

Val Ward – Learning & Development Manager at Historic Royal Palaces

“Managers tell me it’s definitely a worthwhile thing to do. As they trust the process and see what can come out of it, more and more are saying “What about mediation?” “A lot of the principles of mediation are about common sense and disagreements in the workplace often start out as simple misunderstanding.”

Cathe Gaskell – B&H Specialist at London Ambulance Service

“David and his team were superb to work with in every way, generous with their time, inspiring and motivating…they delivered fantastic training and worked to engage staff at all levels as experts in mediation and conflict management. David was both empathic and intuitive, he made it easy to work with and he was very supportive to me as a client. In terms of customer care, TCM is an outstanding group and made things easy, in term’s of working with David, he is the “real real” deal a genuinely nice person trying to make a difference in people’s lives… highly recommended.”

Anna Ryland – Senior People Advisor at The White Company

“The Practical Mediation Skills course was brilliant – a great journey through mediation and understanding the process. The models help to frame and are really clear on the purpose of the process. An excellent and insightful course. I understand the process and best practice fully. I would highly recommend!”

Ellie Pike – HR Advisor at Penguin Books

“This course was really informative and engaging. Practical training delivered by approachable and knowledgeable professionals. I now feel more confident to put these skills into practice.”

Richard Buck – Workforce Development Partner at Action for Children

“Great organisation to work with. Always accommodating and helpful in shaping development sessions to meet audience needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending TCM.”

Carolyn Hawley – HR Director at British Retail Consortium

“TCM worked with us to carefully understand our requirements and objectives for workshops across the whole organisation focusing on “Living the Values and the Art of Dialogue”. Both David & Johanna were excellent workshop facilitators, bringing professionalism, knowledge & fun, and encouraging a relaxed atmosphere where effective learning and contribution was valued”.


Below is some of the feedback that we have received from delegates who have attended one of our training courses.

Gareth Price – Barrister at Parklane Plowden Chambers

"A very experienced and insightful training offered by The TCM Group on workplace investigations. The course was handled excellently despite being delivered remotely due to Covid 19. Would highly recommend!"

Pippa Byrne – Former Head of HR at Hugo Boss

"We wanted to review the way that we deal with challenges in the workplace. As a result of the training with TCM, I am now more confident to facilitate win-win outcomes.”

David Corbin – Equality & Diversity Manager at Dorset Healthcare

“After looking at several companies I attended one of TCM’s taster sessions. Following that I booked to attend the full course. The service overall was outstanding, and the professionalism of the trainers was outstanding. I still use the supporting material today as a guide. Since I became trained my Trust has now invested in three further Workplace Mediators and we have just completed an 18-month report on the cases we have had referred. We also meet monthly for a debriefing session to discuss cases. We are in the process of reviewing our Grievance Policy and Mediation is already listed as an early intervention before moving to a full-blown investigation. To be completely honest I have always found my interactions with TCM very positive. I feel that I can approach the team at any time for advice and linking into the Webinars is always a good reminder of why we take the steps to resolve issues at the lowest possible level.”

Louise Cameron – HR Business Partner at Santander UK

“The TCM Group came on the back of a very strong recommendation by a reputable contact who had already completed the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course. The course itself was very effective - insightful and practical. The tutor support and feedback were excellent! Training with TCM meant that I was able to develop my skills to resolve complex workplace disputes. The ongoing events/webinars/seminars hosted by the TCM are fantastic and I would definitely recommend them to any of my colleagues/ networks/friends.”

Christine Stanbury – HR Manager at Médecins Sans Frontières

“I chose TCM because their accredited mediation course was more suited to the culture of the organisation I work for. The course was inspiring, clear and supportive for such an intense and focussed subject, it was excellent! I apply the knowledge daily to improve my skills and experience and I will definitely explore attending other training courses with TCM.”

Poonam Bhatt – HR Advisor at Ambitious About Autism

“TCM is a reputation exceeding other organisations. TCM provided the specialist skills for the Mediation Course ensuring that the small groups allowed the focus to work through the mediation approach and style.The course was extremely effective as the practical element I was able to take away and use the skills when mediating at work.  I was able to share my skills and knowledge with managers within the organisation and use the skills effectively. TCM helped by bringing benefits into our organisation by enhancing the need for mediation before taking the formal route of capability.I will always recommend TCM to others due to the personable training that was delivered and the effective approach.”

Helen Snape – Human Resources Manager at Care UK

“Mediation is an excellent and sustainable form of conflict resolution. The course was intense, educational, well-structured and most of all fun. I particularly liked the mixture of different learning styles that was presented by both trainers and I most certainly feel able to start mediating straight away!”

Dave Harvey – GM Operations Planning & Integration at NATS

“An insightful and impactful course that will deliver genuine value in a number of different ways for our business. I will apply this learning every day – these are core skills, insights and values that I can employ in my day job. I can also use the practical tools and techniques to help with specific conflict resolution scenarios and business change needs.”

Louise Thomas – Assistant Director of HR & OD at Herts Valleys CCG

“The National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course was fantastic & the trainer was brilliant. I learned more than I thought possible all in the space of a week. One of the most helpful learning experiences I’ve had!”

Rachel Roe – Lawyer at Government Legal Service

“A brilliant course which really helps to understand how conflict arises and how to avoid it.”

Nigel Ginner – HR Policy Advisor at British Airways

“A thoroughly engaging course – extremely challenging, but a rewarding experience and best enjoyed by throwing yourself into the role plays to get the best out of it. Excellently delivered and facilitated with the sole purpose of learning and developing in a safe environment.”

Yvonne Habib – Employee Relations Manager at Nando’s

“Hugely inspiring not only as training providers but a real leader in approaching conflict in our organisations today – truly focused on solutions. A real disruptor to the conventional way of approaching conflict in the workplace. The course was fun throughout, with structured content and a good balance of theory and practice!”


Below is some of the feedback that we have received from parties or sponsors of TCM’s workplace mediation services.

Anita Auer – Assistant Principal – The Baird Primary Academy

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me in the last two days, you have gone way beyond your role and have, undoubtedly, helped me on my journey to getting back to the career I love. I cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and support.”    


Mediation Participant – Interflora

“The mediator listened carefully to my views and acted in a very professional manner. I was very happy with the mediators approach and outcome as she helped us to identify and evaluate a variety of constructive options.”

Steven Shaw – HR Business Partner at Royal College of General Practitioners

“TCM are excellent and specialise in mediation services. They really are the experts in this field. I have used TCM several times and always get good results from them. David and his team always go that extra mile for you. If you do a cost benefit analysis, TCM are able to save organisations considerable amounts of money. It is also highly rewarding to see staff working together again in a really positive way (in the majority of cases). TCM have a 92% success rate and I would not go anywhere else.”

Mediation Participant – University of Nottingham

“The mediator was wonderful – I would strongly recommend TCM to anyone who is experiencing workplace conflict. Thanks to HR for funding this process – it was remarkably helpful.”

Mediation Participant – University of London

“I am very satisfied with the outcome. The mediator explained things well and the mediation was very well structured.“

Mediation Participant – London Borough of Islington

“A very successful meeting, very constructive and explored all of my concerns. I felt listened too and was able to voice any issues that I had wanted to raise. A very positive outcome was reached.”

Louise Frayne – Head of HR & Organisational Development at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

"Just a quick line to thank TCM for the recent mediation service provided to RCPCH. A very successful day and working relationships improved enormously. I have always believed in restorative processes and the service offered by TCM really is excellent and evidences that this this really is the right approach to resolving conflict."


Below is some of the feedback that we have received from participants or organisations who have commissioned TCM’s team mediation, facilitation or coaching services.

Mediation Participant – Brent Council

“The mediator was excellent! Very positive, I feel that we have already taken some steps forward. I felt that the mediator was fully aware of the issues and did not pass judgement.”

Robert Longley-Cook – Chief Executive at HFT

“Had been impressed with a talk from David on achieving the benefits of ‘positive conflict’ so invited him/TCM to facilitate a process to optimise our Executive team-working. Really worked well: the power of professional external facilitation allowed us all to take more risk and confront issues in a more open way. Now have a great framework – both individual and team – for taking the team to an even better level of interaction: critical given the pressures we are facing in our business sector. And it was fun too!”

Mediation Participant – Seafish

“It was better than expected – I felt releived with the outcome. We have a plan to more forward which should aid in relationship. Very professional, and would highly recommend.”


Below is some of the feedback that we have received from participants or sponsors or TCMs investigations, neutral evaluations, bullying and harassment reviews or conflict audit services.

Lorraine Brown – HR & Staff Learning & Development at Unison

“You have to give the praise where it is due. The level of efficiency is one of the highest I’ve ever worked with. The quality of training is high. The mediators I’ve spoken to were absolutely lovely. TCM is a perfect example of how an organisation should function. That’s just my humble opinion. Whenever something comes up at work I always say TCM can deal with it.”

Carly Durcan – Head of Employee Relations at GVC Group

“The TCM Group assisted us with a workplace grievance investigation and were fantastic throughout from start to finish. Working in a busy organisation with Senior Individuals who certainly don't have the availability nor time to deal with such issues, they were able to take the process away and deal with it independently. The communication throughout was great, as was the level of detail they provided within their follow up report. I would not hesitate in recommending or using their services again.”

Lyn Elliott – Head of HR at Cygnet Health Care

"I am very happy with the service provided by TCM. Often in Operations we are so busy ensuring that our Service Users are well cared for, it is difficult for us to assign Managers to investigations. TCM do a fantastic job supporting us with investigations and by using TCM, we ensure investigations are impartial and outcomes are fair. The turnaround on investigations is really quick, which again is sometimes a struggle for us at Cygnet Health Care. I would thoroughly recommend TCM to support businesses."

Georgia Volpe – Gender, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Plan International HQ

"TCM certainly met our requirements and listened to our feedback to change the initial facilitator proposed to a more compatible match which represents excellent client service. It was great working with Aideen, she was very aligned to our Plan values and took the time to understand our needs and was open to suggestions for the format of the workshop and she also asked about the participants and their specific areas of interest so she had more of an idea of her audience before she met them. On the day she facilitated the session well and put everyone at ease and created an informal space that encouraged discussion and dialogue. She ensured everyone’s voices were heard and she did a good job of assimilating all of the various ideas into a visual representation of the process map which was really helpful as there were lots of suggestions from those in the room. She has also been very patient as the internal processes have delayed the next steps on this piece of work. We would definite...

HR Manager – Nationwide Charity

“TCM conducted a very complex racism investigation, you were superb, it was money well spent. We would spend the money and use your company again if we were to face the same situation.”

Corporate People Manager – The Children’s Society

“I would also like to mention that I have had lots of superb feedback about your investigation – most people that were interviewed were very impressed by the investigator’s professionalism and the quick turnaround of their statements. My boss – the interim HR Director – said to me yesterday, “I do not know where you found TCM but they are good.”

HR Director – Aitch Group

“TCM provided an excellent and highly professional external investigation service for us. The team was always available when we needed anything, and the investigator was incredibly efficient, thorough and personable. All in all – it was perfect!”


Below is some of the feedback that we have received from people who have invited TCM to be a keynote speaker or to run a workshop at a conference or event.

Frank Holden – Events Organiser at North Staffordshire and South Cheshire CIPD

“David led an insightful and knowledgeable discussion on the benefits of properly structured mediation interventions to resolve individual conflict issues in the work environment. He is passionate in his advocacy of the value of carefully considered mediation where communication has broken down. His thoughts on the organisation’s values and culture as the starting point to resolve issues where a breakdown in relationships has taken place was reinforced with practical steps evolved out of years of experience with what works. David is a rewarding and gifted speaker with the ability to give clear and nuanced messages in an area fraught with a lot of muddled thinking and poor personal experiences.”

Teresa Delaney – South Yorkshire and District Branch of CIPD

“We are extremely grateful to David Liddle of The TCM Group for leading an insightful discussion to our members on ‘Taking the Grief out of Grievance’ earlier this year. This event which was attended by over 70 HR professionals received excellent feedback with 93% of attendees rating David’s session as good or excellent.  In particular members reported that they found the session informative and that it developed and challenged thinking around  grievance, mediation and conflict resolution, as well as leading them to consider the proposition of changing from a grievance to a resolution policy approach.”

Jules Goddard – Event Coordinator at Swindon & North Wiltshire CIPD

“David Liddle from TCM recently delivered an excellent event for the Swindon and North Wiltshire CIPD. It was a very engaging session and we had some great feedback afterwards. The topic is a very important one to most if not all businesses, Redefining Resolution. We were excited to book David and he delivered a very informative and interactive evening.  David delivered some thought provoking information which made everyone begin to think about alternatives to the ‘normal’ formal grievance procedures and how to avoid the almost inevitable increase in tension within the organisation, while encouraging mediation and other informal approaches. This methodology also is very cost effective, avoiding the heavy input required from managers when trying to resolve conflict or grievances. The feedback from the group that David delivered to is overwhelmingly positive and I can highly recommend David and The TCM Group.”

Sarah Bidwell – CIPD Black Country

“David Liddle of TCM provided a really engaging and thought provoking session aimed at helping our members to think about the compelling reasons to modernise and make dispute resolution approaches more effective. David is a fun speaker  who draws on a wealth of experience to generate debate and he provided real added value to the session with generous access for participants to TCM resources. Such a popular session we’ll be inviting him back again!”

TCM and the Association of Project Management

Jacob Achenbach – Programme Manager at Rolls-Royce & Chair of Events at APM

“I invited David to organise a seminar for the Association for Project Management (APM) to help project management professionals develop conflict resolution and mediation skills. David’s workshop was excellent; it was full of expertise and humour, allowed the delegates to reflect and speak about their experiences openly and provided us with a lot of practical tips on how to manage, and make the most of, disagreements in a workplace. David is a true professional with an ability to make a difference and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

Karen Cregan – Asst. Director of HRM Services at University of Chester

"I have had the fortunate experience of working with David at an event that I organised for the CIPD, Chester committee. David’s openness, sense of humour and willingness to challenge the status quo, engaged the audience and generated interesting debate and discussion on all aspects of mediation and resolution. Even HR professionals have to acknowledge that his views and approaches are a radical, yet refreshing departure from the norm! I would welcome David to speak at any event that required a dynamic, engaging and thought-provoking speaker. I would recommend him where I wanted the audience to be able to challenge and debate the role of HR when dealing with employee relations issues, particularly on the role of mediation and resolution. I would invite him if I wanted a different and sometimes radical view from what ACAS suggest is best practice. I would also propose him as a speaker as someone who could draw from both personal and profess...

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